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You can make sailing what you want it to be – relaxing or high-adrenaline, sociable or secluded, on sheltered inland waters or on the open sea. Sailing is one of the most rewarding, healthy, outdoor activities you can take part in.

Sailing teaches youngsters self-reliance, inspires confidence and sociability. Sailing offers families the opportunity to have fun together, or to grab single-handed escapism from time to time!

Sailing Courses or Clubs?

If you want to get into the sport there are two main ways of doing it: you can book an RYA course or join a club and crew for someone. The quickest way to get the skills needed is to enrol on a course and the RYA (Royal Yachting Association) is the national governing body for these courses.  Look for centres that are an RTC (RYA Recognised Training Centre) to ensure great standards of safety and course content.

Adult courses start at Level 1, with Level 2 being regarded as the minimum “driving license”! Youth courses are in Stages and integrate learning with lots of fun activities which is why many RTCs choose RS boats for these courses.

To find your local sailing club or RTC go to the RYA website: www.rya.org.uk

Sailing Boats

It’s a great idea to get into your own boat as soon as you can so that become familiar with it – even better if you can learn in one! Youngsters, adults, and families – there is an RS for you, and there is no finer choice!

We have both new and used boats available on this site, all available on our range pages.


RS Boats we recommend:

Our APB range is a versatile range and all of these boats can be used for a variety of uses from learning to racing and advanced sailing.  The reason for this is that they have been cleverly designed so they can be de-powered / powered up and have different specs available so that the same hull can have different options to allow for progression as you improve and as youngsters grow.

RS Tera:
For 1-2 children between 5 and 12 years – Great for learning through to competing, this boat grows with your child because you can get a Sport (learning) spec, Pro (advanced) spec and even a race kit for racer youths or mini sail for really little ones!

RS Quba: 
For 1-2 children or an adult + child combo or can be used as a single hander for children or adults. This boat is fun for all the family and can be car topped for travelling.

RS Feva:
Commonly used as a double hander for more advanced sailing youths but also widely raced in the pre-teen to teen market or as an adult singlehander. This boat has several specs and you can upgrade to Pro or Race on the same hull and spars.

RS Vision
For adult novices, families or as a singlehander adult boat.  Takes up to 4 crew and can be reefed, beached and even has a spinnaker and trapeze set for your progression.  A great option for families with young children or couples wanting to race.

RS Venture
For everyone! This multi-person novice to advanced cruiser can take up to 8 crew and is fantastic for adventures.  Has a spinnaker and trapeze option to keep more advanced sailors happy, but is a really stable learning platform as well.

RS Vareo
Predominantly used as a singlehander for adults, but can be sailed by 2 more advanced youngsters. If you like the Laser 1 but want the flexibility of having a kite, this is the boat for you.

Top Tips When Choosing a Boat:

There are many sailing clubs and RTCs that have RS boats available to hire or try, or you can arrange for a test sail if you’re not sure.  In any case, call our sales team who are very happy to help you with your decision – even if you are not planning to buy and just need some information.

  • Choose a boat to suit the most frequent use – e.g. if you primarily want to sail with an adult and two children in the boat, but may very occasionally sail with several adults, buy a boat that is ideal for the former rather than one that is too big and heavy for youngsters to handle.
  • Choose a boat to grow into, not out of. You’re only a complete beginner for a short time, so choose a boat that is not extreme and that has progression potential – rewarding performance, bigger sails, perhaps a genneker?
  • Check the size of the boat carefully, and beware of extravagant claims! Length can be a misleading guide to space and people-carrying capacity. Internal cockpit width and depth are vital ingredients. Look at the boat and judge whether the cockpit will be comfortable for you.

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