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RS Sailing is committed to sustainability within our boats and operations.
We care about the future of the planet and its oceans for the next generation of sailors.

RS hulls
About 70% of RS sailboat hulls are made from 100% recyclable polyethylene material.
They are tough so likely to have a long life – but if your boat reaches “end of life” please contact your RS dealer for disposal information – more info here http://www.polychem-usa.com/polyethylene-recycling/
We are testing sustainable materials for use in GRP hulls and will incorporate them into our production where strength : weight properties allow.
Note: The RS Aero weighs only about the same as an Optimist – so uses less than half the GRP materials previously expected of a boat of its size.

RS Spars
70% of RS spars and 50% of RS foils are aluminium and can be recycled.
RS HQ recycles our waste metal.
We offer a broken spar drop-off service for RS and other classes at our Romsey, UK base.

RS Packaging
RS boxes are made from 100% Recyclable material and 100% managed woodland materials.

RS boxes incorporate a high percentage of recycled material.
RS boat wrapping is made from “Polyair”, using  XX% material of plant origin.
The wrapping is technically classified as paper.

Our packaging waste is sent for recycling.
RS encourages all our customers to re-use our boxes and to send packaging for re-cycling.

Practically Paperless
We’re not entirely paperless but we’re working on it and getting there, within practical requirements!

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