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Single Handed Sailing

Single Handed Sailing

Here at RS Sailing, we pride ourselves in designing boats that will capture the hearts of young and budding sailors at the very beginning of their sailing journey, and through our range of training and racing dinghies, pave the way for whatever pathway they choose. Whichever route an RS Sailor opts for, they can expect challenge, adventure, friends for life and a reliable boat that serves their purpose.  

So what’s the appeal of single-handed sailing? What makes so many avid sailors enthusiastically take to the open sea or a near frozen lake in the middle of winter to sit in a small boat by themselves? Well aside from the obvious convenience of being able to sail totally on your own terms, it is often the simple but limitless release and freedom that sailing your own boat on your own piece of water brings. For the more competitive types, it’s the determination to cross that finish line first or just perfect that manoeuvre a little bit more before taking to the bar to explain the entire experience to a group of mates that never bore of hearing about the one thing that they are all so passionate about. Whatever the motivation, it’s a fire that burns in the hearts of sailors of all ages, shapes, sizes and walks of life and we’re determined to encourage it! 

The RS Tera is a single-handed sailing dinghy, which with a hull length of 2.87M and constructed using the strong and durable RS Comptec PE3 technology, is perfect for young children learning to sail. Alongside this, the RS Tera boasts a high level racing circuit worldwide for Children up to age the 15 and offers two key rig options; the Sport, which is designed to be underpowered and forgiving for the lighter or less experienced sailor, and the Pro, providing a more powerful option.

Many young RS Tera sailors aspire to progress to the new and revolutionary RS Aero, which since its launch in March 2014 has broken the mould of traditional adults single handed hiking boats. Its ultra-light weight hull of 30kg matched with its sheer simplicity makes it the ‘road bike’ of sailing; an easy to transport, easy to rig boat that with its incredible responsive and light feel seems to offer almost limitless enjoyment to so many sailors around the world. 

At the high performance end of the RS single handed sailing spectrum sits the RS700. Its single trapeze and powerful asymmetric spinnaker makes it both challenging and thrilling for its sailors. The weight equalisation system that the RS700 shares with its double handed sister ship, the RS800 means the boat can be raced competitively by sailors of a wide weight range. The relative simplicity of the boat and its weight equalisation makes the notorious race circuit tight and exciting yet accessible and, thanks to the friendly fleet and excellent social side, forever welcoming! 

For the less competitive types, or for those looking to develop their sailing skills before taking to the race course, the RS Quba is a stable and spacious platform designed for adults to sail by themselves with the option to add a jib, either for a bit more of a challenge or to allow for a young crew to hop in the front! Using the same RS Comptec PE3 Construction technology as the RS Tera, the RS Quba is strong, easy to maintain and stiff, which alongside durability, adds to the performance of the boat. 

If 2016 is your year to discover or re-discover your own passion for sailing and you’re wondering where to go first, drop us a line on 01794526760 and someone in our team will be happy to answer any of your questions. Otherwise check more details on our entire range online.

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