RS Sailing
Premier Way, Abbey Park
Romsey Hampshire SO51 9DQ
01794 526760
RS Sailing
Premier Way, Abbey Park
Romsey Hampshire SO51 9DQ
01794 526760
RS500 – Tweemans zeilen met gennaker en trapeze, trainingen en wedstrijden (inter)nationaal op ieder niveau




Fast and exciting single trapeze double-hander with a fantastic European racing circuit and an awesome social scene. The RS500’s infectious popularity has created a growing International Class with World Championships in fabulous venues every year. The RS500 has un-matched asymmetric skiff style performance, one-design competition, plus a youth and adult age range. Costs and the experience required are surprisingly attainable – it’s all about amazing sailing and the spirit of the RS community.

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2013 Paris Boat Show
Coup de Coeurs


…an absolute delight to sail.

Pim van Vugt

Zeiler, Wereldkampioen RS500 2018

…when we launched the kite the boat just took off…sheer bliss!!!

Nick van Alphen

I rigged it in the warehouse very carefully on Friday, and everything was absolutely perfect, hull immaculate, all ropes the right length, not one piece missing etc. Lots of help and advice from the guys around, friendly and knowledgeable and giving us space and time when needed.

Tim Hulley

We have had our boat for two months now and the silly grin has not left our faces once!

Emma Pethybridge

RS500 Owner

World Sailing International Class
  • Growing Class with an active scene on the RS Racing Circuit
  • Full Class programme up to World Championship level
  • Ideally suited to moderate weight teams – with many mixed crews
  • Single trapeze and gennaker – fast one-design competition
Speed and handling
  • Light, stiff and easily driven – the RS500 delivers exciting performance with user-friendly handling
  • Every element designed to add performance, make the boat easier to sail, reduce complication and streamline production
  • Uncluttered and spacious cockpit is class leading in its comfort for adults and young sailors
  • Self draining cockpit
  • Pivoting centreboard and rudder make launching and recovery easy – shallow waters less risky
Exciting and built to perform
  • Quick to rig – easy to own – competitive, fast and a blast
  • The hull design, cockpit ergonomics and rig size result from extensive R & D allowing the RS500 to suit sailors across a broad weight range
  • GRP composite hull construction with responsive feel and performance
  • Light – stiff – strong
Rig Technology
  • Rig design for power control and maximum crew weight range within a manageable size and loads
  • Mylar XL spec mainsail and jib for light weight, low stretch, visibility and performance.
  • Compression strut vang gives clear forward cockpit space for efficient, run through, crewing
  • Asymmetric gennaker with double patch chute system
  • Dacron S spec small mainsail & jib – for training and holiday centres
  • Top cover – breathable polycotton
  • Under cover – Nylon
  • Launching trolley
  • Road trailer base
  • Padded rudder bag
  • D12 rope trapeze lines
  • Carbon fibre tiller extension
  • Burgee wind indicator
  • TackTick Micro compass inc mast bracket
  • Race rope pack – tapered sheets & gennaker halyard
  • Capsize righting lines

bulletfill Standard
bulletoutline Optional

DesignerPhil Morrison
Length4.34m (14'3")bulletfillbulletfill
Beam1.58m (5'2")bulletfillbulletfill
Mainsail - Dacron7.5m² (80ft²)bulletfillbulletoutline
Jib - Dacron3.0m² (31ft²)bulletfillbulletoutline
Mainsail - Radial cut Mylar9.5m² (100ft²)bulletoutlinebulletfill
Jib - Radial cut Mylar - battened3.6m² (37ft²)bulletoutlinebulletfill
GennakerDynalite 14m² (145ft²)bulletfillbulletfill
MastTapered - aluminium alloybulletfillbulletfill
BoomAluminium alloybulletfillbulletfill
BowspritAluminium alloybulletfillbulletfill
Centreboard - pivotingGRP sandwichbulletfillbulletfill
Rudder - liftingGRP sandwichbulletfillbulletfill
Rudder stock + tiller + extensionAluminium alloybulletfillbulletfill
Compression strut kicker / vang above boombulletfillbulletfill
Padded toestraps - for helmbulletfillbulletfill
Padded toe straps - for crewbulletoutlinebulletoutline
Top coverBreathable polycottonbulletoutlinebulletoutline
Under coverNylonbulletoutlinebulletoutline
Launching trolleybulletoutlinebulletoutline
Road trailer basebulletoutlinebulletoutline
Padded rudder bagbulletoutlinebulletoutline
Single trapeze kitWirebulletfillbulletfill
Twin trapeze packbulletoutlinebulletoutline
D12 rope trapeze linesbulletoutlinebulletoutline
Carbon fibre tiller extensionbulletoutlinebulletoutline
Burgee wind indicatorbulletoutlinebulletoutline
TackTick Micro compassIncluding mast bracketbulletoutlinebulletoutline
Race rope packTapered sheets & gennaker halyardbulletoutlinebulletoutline
Capsize righting linesbulletoutlinebulletoutline
Premier Way, Abbey Park
Romsey Hampshire SO51 9DQ

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