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RS Development Lab

RS Development Lab

April 2016: RS Training Zone

Introducing our new RS Training Zone a place for you to stay up to date, communicate with Steve and ask any questions you may have.

The first of the videos talks us through how Rotomoulded boats are made.

March 2016: RS Quest

Steve talks us through and shares his thoughts on the RS Quest.

Click here to read the full article.

Kicking off 2016 – RS Venture Connect

We have been hard at work over the last couple of months developing the kit for the RS Venture Connect. Last year we gathering feedback from multiple sources enabling us to create a clear plan for how we would improve the Connect pack for 2016.
The key improvements have been

·         Less still more / responsive tillers
·         Less cluttered Centre console
·         Changing the sail plan.

The two videos below show two different stages of the development Part 2 is the latest version.

We have had confirmation from RYA Sailability that they are more than happy with the updates, we are currently productionising the new parts, with an aim to have the now Connect pack ready in a months time.

We are experiencing a large amount of orders, if you are interested in purchasing or demoing the Venture Connect. Please get in contact with Steve Dean.

August 2015: New deck RS200

The new RS200 is very much rolling, currently sitting in the middle of the first batch of 10 production boats. Initial feedback for the new look has been extremely positive, and we’re excited to see more of these out on the water.

A quick look at the changes:

From the bow – the spinnaker pole is run through the middle of the boat making the boat look more up to date, reducing some weight (which can be reallocated to other areas) and due to the redundant receiving tube this allows us to have a bigger spinnaker mouth and entrance making it easier to bring the spinnaker in and out, not affecting the flow of the bottom jib.

Internal – the framing has changed from ply to a laminated core, allowing more weight of laminate in the boat in other places, making it stronger.

The Cock pit – The thwart has been redesigned purely for aesthetics but has allowed a change to the centreboard casing arrangement, reducing weight which has been redistributed back into the build for strength. The tolerance of the centreboard case has also been tightened in the change.

Rig – The rig tension is now on the mast to allow rig loads to go through the mast, not the boat. New sails include a tri-radial spinnaker extending the life of it. The radial cut jib, for the lower half gives it some longevity. A luff cunningham will be fitted to the tack of the jib. 
The new mainsail is the same profile as the old sail but a new mylar material.

Extras – all new RS200’s will come with a full harken fit out to race spec and all ropes are spliced to championship spec.

To the stern – A new rudder stock with a rudder retaining non-stop button on the side of the gudgeon, in place to stop the stock from coming off.  The new system allows the blade to rotate almost 270 degrees to aid launching. As standard the new system comes with a carbon tiller and tiller extension. 

RS200 Sailor Matt Mee talks through some of the changes at the RS200 Nationals

August 2015: RS Quest into the final stages of development

This month is where it’s at for the RS Quest. The tooling has left Italy, and due to arrive up at Rototek, where the first first production hull will be ready at the end of August.
The rig is in the final stages of development, and all components are now complete. 90& of accessory development in complete and we are excited to be hitting this final stage before production!

Production RS Quests are scheduled for October 2015. You will be able to see the RS Quest in the flesh at Southampton Boat Show in September and at the Annapolis Sailboat Show in October. 

To find out more about the RS Quest, click here

July 2015: RS Venture Keel Sailability / Adaptive Sailing

Development around the RS Venture Keel Sailability / Adaptive Sailing pack has increased the versatility of the boat, complimenting her self-righting, self draining and spacious capabilities for a range of sailors.

These options can be added or removed as required – so from able bodied sailing to integrated seats and “suck and puff” steering with multiple steps in between – The RS Venture offers a significant step forward and huge advantage for many sailors and training centres.

An outline of the multiple configurations are listed here;

-Helmsman and crew slide-across seats
-Single forward facing seat with manual joystick steering
-Twin side-by-side forward facing seats with manual joystick steering
-Single forward facing seat with electronic joystick steering
-Single forward facing seat with electronic “suck and puff” steering

For more information on the features of this boat please visit the Sailability Sailing or Adaptive Sailing pages on the ‘Range’ page.


June 2015: RS200 New Deck Update

The new deck RS200, launched to the public at the RYA Dinghy Show back at the beginning of March has undergone over 200 hours of testing with the new rig set up and hull.

Currently, the boat is 2-3 weeks behind schedule but this is no bad thing. Extra detailing is being developed to the tool, ready for production and continuing the next level of service from RS.

Details added on the tool from the boat displayed at the boat show include a a centreboard retainer, in the form of a special groove in the case, countersunk spinnaker shoot into the deck, so the velcro doesn’t get picked up as the spinnaker comes in. Recesses and tiny areas on the deck are a lot sharper.

The sails are cuurently live and in stock. There is a waiting list however, so get your orders in early!


May 2015: RS Quest Tooling and evolution of design

The RS Quest tooling has been signed off for production in Italy, with the forecast in place for pre-production boats sailing at the end of August. The UK Show season kicks off with Southampton Boat Show in September, closely followed by Annapolis Sailboat Show of which the RS Quest will be on display at both.

Currently components are being fine tuned, including a foredeck change from the prototype shown previously in images. Storage hatches have been added for a MOB buoy, and an anchor now has it’s own designated area in the foredeck.

The transom has been reduced in height to make it easier to get in over the back in the event of a capsize.

RS are pleased to say that after significant testing, the evolution of the RS Quest has happened due to taking into account all the feedback in the hope this boat meets the true needs of the sailors.

Click here for the North American specific update


March 2015: RS Venture Keel Sailability – Twin Rudders and Mast Lowering System

After continued development the RS Venture Keel Sailability pack now has twin rudders and a Mast Lowering System to promote ease of use and single handed rigging!

For more info on the RS Venture Sailability Pack click here

February 2015: Sea Cadets and RS Sailing develop the RS Quest

Exciting times ahead for training across the country as the RS Quest is firmly into development. Developed in conjunction with the Sea Cadets, the RS Quest fills a gap in the training world for versatile, uncomplicated training and racing.

Read more on the RS Quest here


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