RS Sailing
Premier Way, Abbey Park
Romsey Hampshire SO51 9DQ
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RS Sailing
Premier Way, Abbey Park
Romsey Hampshire SO51 9DQ
01794 526760
RS300 – high performance, singlehanded classic, one of our incredible heritage classes

RS300 – Fast, REsponsive and challenging singlehander 


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One of our much loved Hertiage Classes* – the RS300 is fast, responsive and challenging. A definitive boat with almost a cult status, it has masses of innovative design features to improve handling and performance and has won accolades ever since the day it was launched back in 1998. Revolutionary in its time, the RS300s features mean that it’s still a weapon on the water decades on. Narrow waterline and fine entry provide easily driven acceleration and speed whilst the flared topsides give leverage and reserve stability. If you want a fast yet tactical boat, with a fiercely friendly Class Association to compliment it – then the RS300 is a perfect choice.

*Heritage is defined as a class that no longer has brand new boats in production with RS Sailing. However, the racing class is still active and thriving. Interested in owning an RS300? Check-out our used boat pages or contact our sales team

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No. of Crew

Hull Construction

Hull Weight (kgs)

No. of Trapezes

Sail Area (m²)

Length (m)




The RS300 is not only a revolutionary boat, but one which is extraordinarily good fun to sail!


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What do you want from a boat? Simplicity, durability, performance, excitement and most importantly fun – RS boats are the way ahead.

Roger Saynor MBE

Royal Navy

  • Epoxy GRP composite sandwich construction for light weight, stiffness and a long competitive life.
  • Narrow waterline and fine entry provide easily driven acceleration and speed
  • Flared topside give leverage and reserve stability
  • Ergonominc deck and cockpit design, gives a comfortable hiking position
  • Epoxy GRP composite gives strong, light and high performance foils
  • Pivoting centreboard and rudder chosen for user friendliness
  • Launching and recovery are easy and serious damage risk from grounding is largely eliminated
  • Long mainsheet luff – crucial to power and speed
  • Centre of effort kept down low with a low track position
  • Steeply raked boom to give clearance for the sailor further aft
  • ‘Soft’ sail and carbon composite mast work together to give great gust response for the rig
  • No shrouds so the boom can be fully squared on a run for maximum power and VMG
  • Two mainsail size options: 10m and 9.25m
DesignerClive Everest
Hull Weight58kg
Sailing weight75kg
Mainsail Rig A9.25m²
Mainsail Rig B10m²
SparsCarbon composite mast, aluminium alloy boom
SailMylar and dacron luff panel, semi battened
Hull constructionEpoxy GRP foam sandwich
Centreboard - pivotingEpoxy foam sandwich
Rudder - liftingEpoxy foam sandwich
Rudder stock + tiller + extensionAluminium alloy
Padded toe strapsLed to both sides of cockpit
Premier Way, Abbey Park
Romsey Hampshire SO51 9DQ

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