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RS Sailing
Premier Way, Abbey Park
Romsey Hampshire SO51 9DQ
01794 526760
RS600 – Stunning looks with a performance to dream about, one of our incredible heritage classes

RS600 – Stunning looks with a performance to dream about


One of our much loved Heritage Classes* – the RS600 is a great mix of stunning looks and brilliant performance! A highly developed rig control and reefing system make this excitement available to an extraordinarily wide range of sailors. The RS600 has won the enthusiasm of hundreds of single-handed sailors over the years. It is faster than most two-person boats! Strong enough to take the punishment, sailing an RS600 is pure adrenaline.

*Heritage is defined as a class that no longer has new boats in production directly with RS Sailing. However, the racing class is still active and thriving. Interested in owning a new RS600? Head to the RS600 Class Association to find out more. For pre-loved boats, check-out our used boat pages or contact our sales team

RS100 at a glance

No. of Crew

Hull Construction

Hull Weight (kgs)

No. of Trapezes

Sail Area (m²)

Length (m)




Stunning speeds upwind and down, even in relatively light winds, are balanced by (relatively) easy handling.

Peter Bentley

Olympic Coach

The ability to reduce the rig size, not just in strong winds, but also in the early stages of learning to sail the boat, is a real benefit, Think of it as a single-handed skiff, both in terms of performance fun, and you won’t be far wrong.

James Highcore

Boat Tester

  • Designed by high-performance boffin Clive Everest, the hull shape was created using computer-generated sections resulting in mathematically perfect curves. That’s why it looks so fair and fast.
  • Enormous speed potential is matched by excellent handling • Vacuum bagged epoxy foam sandwich construction results in a hull that is fantastically strong, yet only weighs a stunning 52kg.
  • Helming from the wire is made easy by the purpose-designed geometry of the cockpit.
  • A high wing freeboard above the water gives a secure feel and all controls are easily reached.
  • Daggerboard for low drag efficiency.
  • Lifting rudder for easy launch and recovery.
  • Sophisticated GRP sandwich construction gives strong, light, high-performance foils.
  • Carbon fibre mast gives a uniquely dynamic rig and the flextop delivers exceptional gust response.
  • Lightweight and strong.
  • Fully battened mainsail to stabilise the shape and reduce flogging.
  • Scrim mylar for tear resistance.
  • Mast and sail work together to create a perfect rig. Pull the cunningham and watch the mast bend, the sail flattens and the upper leach open. Real power control.
  • High performance is attainable from the big rig in only 8 knots of wind.
  • A simple and highly effective reefing system reduces the sail area by nearly 20% and allows the boat speed to go on up as the wind increases. Removable mast extension – twin position shroud and trapeze settings – zip-up sail foot.
  • When reefed the sail head still reaches the top of the mast so maintains full tip response.
  • The reefing system not only assists speed in a breeze but also makes mastering the RS600 within the reach of the most competent sailors… and a lot of fun
  • One mainsail size 12.14 than can be reefed to 10.55
Performance equalised racing
  • A simple performance equalisation system dramatically extends the competitive sailor weight range.

DesignerClive Everest & Nick Peters
Beam1.93 - 2.13m
Hull Weight52kg
Sailing weight76kg
Mainsail - Full12.14m²
Mainsail - Reefed10.55m²
SparsCarbon composite mast, aluminium alloy boom
SailMylar fully battened mainsail with reefing
Hull constructionEpoxy GRP foam sandwich
DaggerboardEpoxy foam sandwich
Rudder - liftingEpoxy foam sandwich
Rudder stock + tiller + extensionAluminium alloy
Padded toe strapsLed to both sides of cockpit
Premier Way, Abbey Park
Romsey Hampshire SO51 9DQ

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