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RS Sailing
Premier Way, Abbey Park
Romsey Hampshire SO51 9DQ
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RS Elite
RS Elite
RS Elite
RS Elite

RS Elite

A modern classic style keelboat that is delightful to sail and produces truly tactical racing. Manageable loads and an efficient layout suits both women and men – so the RS Elite class is well known for outstanding events and a strong social scene. Minimal maintenance and only two or three crew means keelboat racing couldn’t be more convenient. Easily driven, with a high ballast ratio and carbon mast, the RS Elite is forgiving and fast – while shallow draft and a symmetrical spinnaker allow the boat to be raced almost anywhere. Sail one and you’ll easily understand why owners are passionate about their boats.

RS Elite at a glance

No. of Crew

Crew Weight (kgs)

Displacement (kgs)

No. of Trapezes

Sail Area (m²)

Length (m)





Once virtually every club around our coasts had a local class, and the Solent based ones have endured longer than most. But keeping vintage wooden boats is labour of love, consuming time and money voraciously. Many glassfibre alternatives have been tried, but this new Phil Morrison design craft seems to have hit the spot.

Tim Jeffrey

Daily Telegraph

On any point of sailing the Elite is a nimble boat and a joy to sail.

Matt Sheahan

Technical Editor Yachting World

The RS Elite exceeds expectations in performance, handling and appearance. She is just what I want and I believe the class will be a great success.

Mike Tong

Twice IRC National Champion

I am high on winning probably the best regatta I have had the privilege of being a part of.

Crauford McKeon

RS Elite National Champion 2010 & 2012

 Keelboat racing at its best
  • Beautiful to look at and sail
  • Simple to crew and maintain
  • Fast, tactical racing within club fleets, championships and major regatta weeks
Beautiful handling
  • Finger light steering and 60% ballast ratio make the RS Elite a joy to sail
  • Fine bow, long narrow hull, balanced rudder and easily controllable rig ensure the boat is easily driven
  • An easily driven, balanced boat achieves speed without drama
  • High pointing and fast upwind – downwind pace that surprises many
  • Excellent VMG around the track – rewarding when one-design racing – a weapon on handicap
  • The RS Elite maximises the pleasure of a racing keelboat by minimising the hassles:
  • Low maintenance – means more time on the water. All GRP construction – encapsulated bulb keel – simple systems
  • Small crew – typically sailed by three, so finding crew is easy
  • Anyone can race – low loads and weight tolerant design allow mixed teams across the age range
  • No hiking rule – finesse rather than strength is required
  • One Design – RS Elite racing is close and tactical. Win on the water, not at the bank.
  • Production controls and Class Rules ensure all boats perform the same – out of the box
  • Self draining and unsinkable
  • Easy to tow – behind a medium size car
Hull Design and Construction
  • Long and narrow for maximum waterline length and minimum form resistance. The helm remains finger-light at all times, even when heeled
  • The narrow hull and no hiking rule mean that crew weight is unimportant. As soon as the boat heels the crew are virtually above the centre of gravity, contributing little to righting moment.
  • Solid GRP laminate for impact resistance and durability.
  • Sub-floor moulding to distribute the rig and keel loads
  • GRP moulded keel and rudder skins mean all foil shapes are identical
  • Encapsulated lead keel bulb with stainless steel support structure – slots into a hull recess and through bolted from the cockpit – exceptional strength
  • Single lift point for easy launching
  • The easily driven hull does not require a big rig to attain great performance. This in turn helps to make the shallow draft possible and the rig manageable by both sexes
  • The light, carbon fibre mast has a pivoting heel plug and can be raised by hand
  • Rigging is fast – ready to sail around 30 minutes after arriving at a regatta
  • Single swept back spreaders and no backstay give a simple, responsive rig that can be easily tuned.
  • Rig tension is applied to the forestay via a cascade purchase concealed under the foredeck and adjusted in the cockpit
  • Boom and spinnaker poles of aluminium alloy for durability.
Sail handling systems
  • Jib hanks onto the forestay – tack downhaul lead to the cockpit – self-tacking for simple manoeuvres – 4:1 sheet purchase keeps loads in check.
  • Mainsheet track across the aft deck – sheet leads forward along the boom to a jammer in the centre of the cockpit – helm or middle man can trim.
  • Vang and cunningham lead to the middle of the cockpit on both sides.
  • Spinnaker launching from a chute forward of the forestay – hoists and drops take seconds
  • Pole system operated from the cockpit – stowed on the boom
  • Spinnaker sheets lead to the middle of the cockpit within reach of all crew
RS Elite Options & Accessories
  • Antifouling applied
  • Raymarine Racemaster electronics – speed / depth / compass
  • Racemaster mast mounting bracket
  • Spinnaker chute cover
  • Under side-deck stowage bags
  • Full boat top cover – breathable polycotton
  • Cockpit cover – PVC Nylon
  • Tapered spinnaker sheets
  • Hawk mast head wind indicator
  • Anchor pack – inc chain, warp, bag
  • Paddle and stowage clips
  • Fenders
  • Mooring warps
  • Road trailer – galvanised steel with brakes
  • Trailer stowage box – for sails & other equipment

bulletfill Standard
bulletfill Optional

RS Elite
DesignerPhil Morrison
Length7.4m (24'4")bulletfill
Beam1.72m (5'8")bulletfill
Draft1.1m (3'7")bulletfill
Sail area – mainsail and jib – radial cut mylar23.5m² (250ft²) bulletfill
Sail area – spinnaker radial cut25m² (266ft²)bulletfill
Mast – carbon fibrebulletfill
Boom – aluminium alloyWith pole stowagebulletfill
Spinnaker pole – aluminium alloyDouble ended bulletfill
Twin spinnaker polesSingle endedbulletoutline
Keel with GRP skins and encapsulated lead bulb62% ballast ratiobulletfill
Rudder – balanced spadeAlloy tiller + extension bulletfill
Self-tacking jib track and travellerControl line led to cockpitbulletfill
Mainsheet track and traveller – full widthControls led to cockpitbulletfill
Vang - Downhauls - Travellers - Pole controlsLed to cockpit bulletfill
Spinnaker chute bulletfill
Single lift pointOn cockpit sole bulletfill
Bow & stern mooring eyes bulletfill
Tacktick Micronet system (speed and depth) fittedbulletoutline
Commissioning - Rig and launch Not including delivery bulletoutline
Outboard motor bracketbulletoutline
AntifoulingInternational Interspeed Ultrabulletoutline
Tacktick Micronet compass transducerbulletoutline
Tacktick Micronet flush fitting hull transducerbulletoutline
Tacktick Micronet extra digital displaybulletoutline
Tacktick Micronet solar panelbulletoutline
Tacktick Micronet mast bracket single unitbulletoutline
Spinnaker chute cover bulletoutline
Under side-deck stowage (pair)bulletoutline
Full top coverBreathable polycotton bulletoutline
Cockpit cover (PVC) bulletoutline
Tapered mainsheetbulletoutline
Tapered spinnaker sheetsbulletoutline
FendersSemi rigid flat bulletoutline
Anchor package“Kobra” 6kg folding, chain, warp, bagbulletoutline
Paddle and stowage clips1.25m Canadianbulletoutline
Hawk wind indicatorFittedbulletoutline
Paddle rig equipment bagbulletoutline
Shore-side storage cradlewith castorsbulletoutline
Braked road trailerwith storage boxbulletoutline
Premier Way, Abbey Park
Romsey Hampshire SO51 9DQ

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