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RS Sailing
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RS Venture Connect SCS – the adaptable keelboat with simple plug and play options for most disabilities


RS Venture Connect
RS Venture Connect
RS Venture Connect
RS Venture Connect

RS Venture Connect

Sailing is an amazingly liberating experience. The award-winning RS Venture Connect SCS makes it possible for almost anyone – and that means a lot to us. Many boats have been modified for para sailing. We like to think the RS Venture Connect SCS brings a new level of designed-in, engineered adaptability with simple, plug and play options including sip/puff electronic control to configure the boat for most disabilities – and change it between sessions to suit different requirements. This versatility encourages more organisations to develop para sailing programmes – it’s more cost and time efficient for existing programmes – and gives an unbeatable experience to a whole lot of sailors.

Power Assist Pack
The Power Assist Pack is a conversion kit that provides total engineered adaptability for most disabilities. It includes a rechargeable battery and control pack, powered captive mainsheet winch, joystick control and sip-puff headset option. The system is linked and connected using IPX7 watertight plugs and cabling. The design is focussed on providing a waterproof, simple to use system that exceeds the challenging demands of the small boat sailing environment and yet is a cost-effective investment for any sailing school. The watertight, rechargeable battery pack and control box is removable for charging in the club house. IPX7 fast-fit connectors are installed throughout the system. Power reserves are more than sufficient for a full day of sailing. The standard aft port is substituted for one that carries a mounted waterproof drive that connects to the twin rudders.

A waterproof joy-stick both controls the rudders and also enables the mainsail to be trimmed in/out. A captive winch system, enclosed in a watertight housing, operates using 3D printed limit switches to eliminate over sheeting and the optional sip-puff headset integrates easily with the system steering controls. The system covers a full range of para sailing needs and means the boat can be configured to suit virtually all disabilities.

RS Venture Connect at a glance

No. of Crew


Hull Construction


Centreboard Type

No. of Trapezes

Sail Area (m²)

Length (m)







2013 Sailing World
Dinghy of the Year

DAME Design Award


DAME Design Award Overall Winner


Most important of all, the final product looks like a hell of a lot of fun, which is, after all, what sailing is all about no matter whatever kind of shape you’re in. Good on ya, guys! The world has truly been made a better place for your efforts.

Sail Magazine


…kudos to Scanstrut for the new para sailing system it developed in conjunction with RS Sailing to get more handicapped skippers out on the water…it speaks to all that’s good about sailing in general.



Stability & Safety
  • Exceptionally stable and self righting
  • 130kg keel with lead bulb and aluminium alloy fin
  • Removable keel hoist post and winch for easy keel lifting & lowering
  • Twin rudders for exceptional control in all conditions
  • Self draining cockpit – transom drain tubes quickly clear spray and rainwater
  • Non-slip grip surfaces throughout the entire cockpit
  • Capacity for multiple crew
  • Wide uncluttered cockpit with inner seating as well as comfortable side-decks
  • Mast well forward to give huge cockpit space
  • Strut vang above the boom gives more space and safety for the crew
  • Multiple storage options including a large aft locker – big enough for an outboard and camping gear
  • Easily handled by beginners
  • Sparkling performance and incredible range of sailing options for experts
  • Can be stored afloat on a mooring
  • Easy keel-lift for convenient launching and transport ashore
  • Stunning boat for weekend adventures with family and friends and a beach lifestyle
  • Durable composite GRP hull construction
  • Thick woven GRP skins and 3mm Coremat laminate, under a double layered gelcoat – RS Venture will stand up to intense use.
  • Optional rubber gunwale fendering
  • Optional aluminium keelband on hull bilge rails – protection when grounding
Rig & Sail Configuration options
  • Durable Dacron mainsail and furling jib for training or cruising
  • Connect R race spec Mylar mainsail and high denier Dacron jib
  • Asymmetric gennaker spinnaker option
  • Trapeze pack option – for training or young sailor fun.
Para Sailing – Plug in and Play
  • Full range of options which can be added or removed as required
  • Allows the same boat to be used for either able bodied or disabled sailing
  • Reconfigure the boat quickly to suit virtually anyone
  • A significant step forward and huge advantage for many sailing centres
Single centreline or twin side-by-side seats
  • Moulded GRP seats – adjustable fore and aft to suit sailor size – quick-lock track system
  • Designed to provide significant lateral support as the boat heels
  • Seat mounting platform can also accept custom seats
  • Easy communication between sailors
  • Plenty of additional cockpit space for an instructor or coach
Manual joystick steering
  • Twin joysticks – one in front of each seat
  • Removable sticks for ease of access to the seats
  • Simple steering control lines for connection to the rudder stock
Award-winning electronic systems
  • Highly responsive manual joystick or sip/puff steering
  • Electronic mainsheet control
  • Battery and electronic control box fitted in aft locker – removable
  • DAME Design Award 2017 Overall Winner
Control line console
  • Required with the forward facing seats
  • Brings all key sheets and control lines within reach of seated sailors
  • Adjustable height and reach for various size sailors
Foot bars
  • Plug-in aluminium alloy foot bars
  • Quick-lock adjustment for leg length
Standard spars – specialist sails
  • Aluminium alloy mast – cost effective durability
  • The boom is equipped for mainsail slab reefing.
  • A reduced area mainsail and jib (from 11m² to 9m²) are strongly recommended for use with the seats. Their smaller areas compensate for the reduced leverage when the crew are sat close to the centreline, rather than on the side decks. These sails will undoubtedly also prove useful in many centres for strong wind use on a standard boat.
Jib furler
  • The jib has a furler with the furling line led to the centre controls console. Both sails are constructed from durable Dacron fabric.
  • The optional Asymmetric Gennaker Pack offers exciting downwind sailing, making the most of the RS Venture’s modern design and rewarding performance potential.
More RS Venture accessories
  • Top cover – breathable
  • Launching trolley
  • Road trailer combi base
  • Rubber gunwale protection
  • Alloy keel band
  • Transom boarding ladder
  • Outboard motor transom bracket
  • Anchor pack
  • Trapeze pack
  • Fenders
  • Antifoul paint below the waterline

bulletfill Standard
bulletoutline Optional

RS Venture SRS Venture SERS Venture Connect
DesignerPhil Morrison/RS Sailingbulletfillbulletfillbulletfill
Length4.9m (16'4")bulletfillbulletfillbulletfill
Beam2.0m (6'8")bulletfillbulletfillbulletfill
Centreboard – ballastedSteel – 60kgbulletfill
Keel (vertical lifting)Lead bulb – 125kgbulletfill
Draft (keel down)0.9m (3'2")bulletfill
Draft (keel raised)0.3m (0'10")bulletfill
Air draft (mast above water)7m (23'0")bulletfillbulletfillbulletfill
Weight (hull)195kg (430lbs)bulletfillbulletfillbulletfill
Mainsail – Dacron with reefing system9.0m² (97ft²)bulletfillbulletfillbulletfill
JIb – Dacron3.8m² (41ft²)bulletfillbulletfillbulletfill
Jib furling systembulletfillbulletfillbulletfill
Storm mainsail & jib (required for use with forward-facing seats)Can be ordered in lieu of standard sailsbulletoutlinebulletoutlinebulletoutline
Race mainsail & jibAvailability to be advised
Asymmetric Gennaker14m² (150ft²)bulletoutlinebulletoutlinebulletoutline
Mast – aluminium alloybulletfillbulletfillbulletfill
Boom – aluminium alloyWith single-line reefing systembulletfillbulletfillbulletfill
Lifting rudderPlus stock plus tiller plus extensionbulletfillbulletfillbulletfill
Centre-mainsheet arrangementbulletfillbulletfillbulletfill
Rear stowage lockerbulletfill
Single forward facing seatPara sailingbulletoutline
Twin forward facing seatsPara sailingbulletoutline
Central sheeting and controls consolePara sailingbulletoutline
Manual joystick steeringPara sailingbulletoutline
Electronic joystick steeringPara sailingbulletoutline
Sip/puff electronic steeringPara sailingbulletoutline
Rubber gunwhale protectionFactory fittedbulletoutlinebulletoutlinebulletoutline
Alloy keel band protectionFactory fittedbulletoutlinebulletoutlinebulletoutline
Mast head floatbulletoutlinebulletoutlinebulletoutline
Transom boarding ladderbulletoutlinebulletoutlinebulletoutline
Outboard motor transom wear padsbulletoutlinebulletoutlinebulletoutline
Anchor packIncludes ancor, warp, chain, bagbulletoutlinebulletoutlinebulletoutline
Top coverBreathable polycottonbulletoutlinebulletoutlinebulletoutline
Road trailer combi basebulletoutlinebulletoutlinebulletoutline
Antifouling paint below waterlinebulletoutlinebulletoutlinebulletoutline
Premier Way, Abbey Park
Romsey Hampshire SO51 9DQ

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