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The Original Experience RS400 for sale from £12,570

The absolute winner in championship level racing, in hundreds of sailing clubs and in the hands of both men and women. The list of RS400 sailors over the years reads like a Who’s Who.

Highly successful gennaker powered double handed race class – delivers great performance with exceptional handling.

Nothing matches the RS400’s balanced and responsive handling, its good manners in big breeze and the excitement of asymmetric racing in massive fleets.



  • The result of Phil Morrison's years of experience. Perfect blend of speed, manoeuvrability and ease. Vice free and a real joy to sail.
  • Light and stiff foam sandwich construction. Stiffness and strength lead to the maximum transfer of power from the rig into speed.
  • Open transom gives a virtually self draining cockpit and the moulded self bailer quickly removes any remaining water.
  • Ergonomic cockpit design for comfortable hiking.
  • Toe straps adjustable for both height and reach.
  • Thwart gives the crew a comfortable light wind position.
  • Wide hull allows leverage to be generated equally by both sailors, making the RS400 a popular choice for mixed teams.
  • The interior layout is simple and efficient. Principle controls are led to either side of the boat, so that the helm or crew can "change gear" without losing speed.


  • Pivoting centreboard and rudder mean the boat can be raced in any estuary and make launching easy.
  • Sophisticated GRP sandwich construction gives strong, light, high performance foils.


  • The light weight Proctor mast uses a section especially developed for the RS400. Bend is controllable using a deck level screw and adjustable spreaders.
  • Rake and sideways bend are further instantly variable via the jib halyard led back to the crew.
  • High quality sails are the result of long development hours in front of a computer and on the water.
  • Both main and jib are fully battened to stabilise the shape, reduce flogging and extend their competitive life.
  • Perfect match between the mast and mainsail give exceptional power control. When coupled with the high volume hull these features allow a truly wide competitive crew weight range.
  • Asymmetric spinnaker - easy to use, fast, fun and highly tactical.
  • Evolutionary bowsprit can be canted to windward, allowing the RS400 to sail very fast at virtually any downwind angle.


Standard Optional RS400
Designer Phil Morrison
Length 4.52m (14'10")
Hull weight 85kg (187lb)
Sailing weight 129kg (284lb)
Sail area main / jib 14.76m2 (159sqft)
Sail area spinnaker 13.94m2 (150sqft)
Hull construction Polyester GRP foam sandwich. Localised Kevlar reinforcement.
Spars Aluminium alloy.
Sails Mylar fully battened mainsail. Dacron fully battened jib. Single patch radial cut spinnaker.
Foils Pivoting centreboard and rudder. GRP and foam composite.


"The RS boats I have sailed are all brilliantly designed - very well balanced & setup, a joy to sail. I think this is a huge driver of the RS success story over the last 10 yrs"
Nick Craig RS400 & multiple championship winner

"Stunning performance is complemented by superb manners and ease of handling"
Peter Bentley

"I think the RS400 is quite simply the best hiking dinghy ever designed!"
Bill Handley RS400 Class Association

"Pop out the spinnaker and performance shoots into the top league"
Yachts & Yachting

"Once the sails are up, the meticulous attention to detail becomes apparent"
Peter Bentley

"Upwind the boat is a delight"
Yachts & Yachting

"Nightclubs have a whole new meaning with the Racing snake and Grims on tour"
Greg O'Brien

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