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Simple, fun and versatile - keep the whole family happy RS Quba for sale from £2,780 complete

RS Quba
The RS Quba is the versatile family boat taking the world by storm
Schools and clubs are changing to the RS Quba
Durable, lightweight, safe and fun

Get the whole family into sailing with this compact boat that offers beautiful, easy handling with a host of features that make it a class leader. More and more families, sailing schools and holiday fleets are switching to the RS Quba – It’s simply the best!

The RS Quba offers more space, comfort and handling finesse than rivals such as the Laser Pico and Topper dinghy which makes it suitable for large adults, children or a mixture of both. The different rigs available and solid construction make the RS Quba popular with training centres and families of all ages and abilities.

If you have been looking for a small boat for sale that can offer family fun with a hardy construction, the RS Quba is the modern versatile option that is growing in popularity across the world. Its customisable options and rigs mean that the RS Quba can fulfil many roles from adult singlehanded training dinghy to childrens’ fun boat, club racer to family holiday boat – All changeable in minutes.

The RS Quba can be sailed with a main sail or main and jib, however it also has features like the optional additional crew foot-straps and moveable mainsheet block which make it more convenient as a double handed sailing dinghy than rivals.

“The RS Quba seems to clearly line up against the Laser Pico, the ubiquitous rotomoulded beginner boat for one adult or two children… The RS Quba provides a similar package, enhanced by better sailing performance, slicker features and a wider range of use…”
Yachts and Yachting magazine

Looking to buy an RS Quba? Find out more about the RS Quba in the following pages or look for used RS Qubas for sale in our used boats section.


"Perhaps the best looking rotomoulded hull of its size around. The exceptional design detailing adds to an impressive package...A little honey, great sailing, exquisite detailing, robustness..." Yachting World magazine

Easy – Learn and love it

  • Super stable hull with wide waterline beam
  • Wide, uncluttered side decks that both encourage novices to sit within the stable area of the hull, yet are super comfortable for accomplished sailors when hiking.
  • Balanced rig with the centre of effort and centre jammer well forward so that tacking and gybing are made easy

Fun – Simple - Stylish

  • Great handling and sparkling performance – just like every RS
  • Enhanced rocker shape gives good light wind speed even for heavier sailors, and keeps the bow up to promote planing in the breeze
  • More speed – easier handling – more fun!
  • Raised foredeck – sheds spray and keeps the cockpit drier


  • Roomy and rewarding for adults
  • Easily handled by one or two youngsters
  • Choice of Sport and Pro rig sizes
  • Mainsail track and halyard system so stepping the mast is simple and it can remain stepped in the dinghy park
  • Class-leading cockpit comfort – deep and wide with perfectly positioned toestraps for adults as well as youngsters
  • Optional rowing kit

Lowest maintenance – Greatest durability

  • Comptec PE3 construction - state of the art three layer rotomoulding system
  • Toughest outer skin - middle foam layer for stiffness - strong inner skin
  • RS process leads the way & enables additional thickness in high load areas
  • Reduces overall weight for better sailing - every RS offers the best performance and most rewarding handling
  • Maximum use of shape to distribute loads and remove need for bolt on reinforcements
  • Built in buoyancy from thick foam layer
  • Strongest fittings attachment - brass inserts moulded into the hull structure
  • Virtually maintenance free

Best value

  • RS quality at a price that will not break the bank
  • Options that can be added to the same hull to adapt from a family trainer to performance single-hander

RS Quba Club

  • Simple spec - perfect for entry level sailing + training
  • 5.6m2 Dacron Sport sail - sleeve luff reefable
  • Two piece mast

RS Quba Sport

  • Perfect for families, youngsters, schools and clubs
  • 5.6m² Dacron Sport with 2 piece mast and track
  • Rapid reefing system - one hand operated - ashore or afloat

RS Quba Pro

  • Perfect for more experienced sailors, racing and thrill seeking
  • 7.0m² battened Mylar Pro sail

RS Quba Accessories

  • 1.2m² Dacron jib
  • Cockpit stowage bag
  • Rowing kit – oars & rowlocks
  • Top cover - breathable
  • Launching trolley
  • Road trailer combi base
  • Roof rack kit (check your vehicle roof weight capacity)
  • Padded rudder bag
  • Padded daggerboard bag
  • Wind indicator
  • Mast head float


Standard Optional RS Quba Club Sport Pro
Designer Paul Handley      
3 layer Comptec PE3 Hull      
Length 3.53m (11'5")      
Beam 1.42m (4'6")      
Hull weight 58kg (128lb)      
Sport Dacron Reefing Mainsail 5.7m2 (61sqft)      
Pro Mylar mainsail 7.1m2 (76sqft)      
Sport Upgrade Kit Mainsheet Ratchet, Padded side straps, race kicker      
Jib 1.2m2 (13sqft)      
One-hand reefing system      
Centre toe strap      
Cockpit side toe straps      
Mast - aluminium alloy Round tube 2 piece      
Mast - aluminium alloy 2-part tracked      
Boom - aluminium alloy      
Foils Buoyant - aluminium alloy - low drag section      
Lifting rudder stock + tiller + extension      
Capsize righting lines      
Launching trolley      
Road trailer combi base      
Rowing kit Oars and rowlocks      
Top cover Breathable polycotton      
Cockpit stowage bag      
Roof rack kit - Check your vehicle roof weight capacity      
Padded rudder bag      
Padded daggerboard bag      
Wind indicator      
Mast head float      


"Perhaps the best looking rotomoulded hull of its size around. The exceptional design detailing adds to an impressive package...A little honey, great sailing, exquisite detailing, robustness..."
Yachting World magazine

"This was probably the best purchasing experience I have ever had. From start to finish your staff have given excellent service as well as being knowledgeable enthusiasts."
Professor P A Witting

"You can look at pictures and check specifications all day long, but it’s when you sail a Quba and discover just how easy, responsive and exciting it really is – that’s when you’ll appreciate how a good a boat of this size can now be."
Nick Peters – RS development team

"…safe yet exciting all-rounder and is frankly several steps ahead of the competition…exceptional detailing adds to an impressive package…a little honey…"
Mike Owen – Yachting World

"Fantastic - Quba "Cucumber" has had so much use and abuse with all combinations of us… "
Malcolm Morley – Dad of Hamish (7), Iona (6), Anna (4) and Poppy’s husband

"We think the Qubas are absolutely brilliant – we use them for one or two kids or an adult and there is no better training dinghy with this versatility. They’re strong, stable, easy to handle and can be reefed in moments, even on the water by an instructor in a RIB. They sail so well that we see the Quba as a key training boat... "
Neil Coxon - Director of Training - Oman Sail



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