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Fun & exciting for all from novice to advanced RS Vision for sale from £6,480

RS Vision
The RS Vision – Best selling boat in its sector over recent years.
Forgiving handling with exciting performance
ISAF World Sailing Learn to Sail Boat

The RS Vision is the perfect all-round family sailboat: Easy handling and sparkling performance. A great trainer, cruiser and club racer for young and old.

On lochs and lakes, in harbours and estuaries, there is absolutely nothing quite like messing around in boats. And there is a real RS boat to do it in. A boat that is tough and virtually maintenance free. A boat that is roomy, stable and great to sail. The RS Vision is that perfect family boat.

The RS Vision comes in 2 specifications: Vision S and Vision XL. The S has a durable Dacron sail and the XL has a performance Mylar main for racing and performance sailing. Both sails fit on the same hull, making it cost effective to upgrade as skills improve, and also more versatile for a range of sailors of all abilities. If you want more excitement there is the option of adding a trapeze kit and even an outboard bracket, so from leisurely family excursions to high performance sailing, the RS Vision is the best family sailing boat around.

“After 2 seasons of hard racing and regular cruising the Vison has lived up to the ‘maintenance free’ claim with only cordage to replace. The sailing performance has been excellent and she has proved to be easy to rig, easy to reef and remarkably comfortable to sail. All this with the bonus of excellent back up from the RS team.” Dave and Matt Hogben – Vision “Twenty/Twenty”

Looking to buy an RS Vision? Find out more about the RS Vision in the following pages or look for used RS Visions for sale in our used boats section.


"The average size family who are looking for indestructible fun in a lightweight dinghy which can be raced and cruised should look no further than the RS Vision" Dinghy Sailing Magazine

Sparkling performance

  • The best performance in its class
  • A boat to grow with not out of
  • Easy to handle and forgiving - more fun
  • Great for all levels from novice to advanced
  • Club racing or cruising

Perfect size

  • Big enough for a family crew
  • Small enough to comfortably sail single-handed
  • Light enough to manoeuvre ashore

Stability & space

  • Maximum waterline beam and minimum topside flare for greater stability
  • Spacious, uncluttered cockpit
  • Compression kicker above the boom for maximum crew space and safety
  • Comfortable inside-cockpit and side-deck seating positions
  • Wide thwart for further crew comfort and multi crew seating space
  • Easy access stowage compartments for safety and other equipment

"All weather" capability

  • Mainsail can be de-powered quickly
  • Single line reefing system for fast and simple sail reduction
  • Furling jib

Fully self-draining cockpit

  • No bailers required
  • Fully drains even in light wind
  • Faster & Safer

Lowest maintenance – greatest durability

  • Comptec PE3 construction - state of the art three layer rotomoulding system
  • Toughest outer skin - middle foam layer for stiffness - strong inner skin
  • RS process leads the way & enables additional thickness in high load areas
  • Reduces overall weight for better sailing - every RS offers the best performance and most rewarding handling
  • Maximum use of shape to distribute loads and remove need for bolt on reinforcements
  • Built in buoyancy from thick foam layer
  • Strongest fittings attachment - brass inserts moulded into the hull structure
  • Virtually maintenance free

Integrated structural design

  • Angled forward cockpit bulkheads triangulate rig loads without the need for heavy bolt-on secondary reinforcement struts
  • Mast step loads distributed between hull and deck with structural bond area
  • Multi purpose spinnaker chute / foredeck moulding for added hull stiffness, mast support, water shedding and easy-launch spinnaker system
  • Topside hull step to provide stiffness and strength, as opposed to flat panels that require heavy material thickness
  • Ribbed cockpit floor for additional stiffness and grip
  • Hull rubbing strakes for panel stiffness, wear resistance and grip when capsized


  • Buoyant and stable design
  • Righting lines to assist lighter crews in capsize recovery
  • Easy to right and comes up dry from a capsize
  • Grip throughout uncluttered cockpit
  • Optional mast head float to stop inversion

Simply the best value

  • Class leading design and specification
  • Remarkable value

RS Vision T

  • Ready to sail with:
  • Furling jib and reefing Dacron mainsail
  • Option to add the gennaker pack

RS Vision XL

  • Ready to sail with:
  • Furling jib
  • Reefing Mylar mainsail
  • Gennaker

RS Vision Accessories

  • Top cover - breathable
  • Under cover
  • Launching trolley
  • Trolley jockey wheel
  • Road trailer combi base
  • Padded rudder bag
  • Outboard motor bracket
  • Trapeze kit
  • Spinnaker pack
  • Twin tube mast head float
  • 40 litre mast head float
  • Bow fender
  • Burgee wind indicator


Standard Optional RS Vision S XL
Designer Phil Morrison    
Comptec PE3 Hull    
Length 4.6m (15')    
Beam 1.75m (5'8")    
Weight 125kg (275lbs)    
Mainsail - Dacron - with reefing system 9m2 (95sqft)    
Mainsail - Mylar - with reefing system 9m2 (95sqft)    
Jib 3.2m2 (33sqft)    
Gennaker 12.6m2 (130sqft)    
Mast tapered aluminium alloy    
Boom - aluminium alloy with reefing system    
Pivoting centreboard    
Lifting rudder + stock + tiller + extension    
Padded toe straps    
Capsize righting lines    
Top cover breathable polycotton    
Under cover    
Launching trolley    
Road trailer combi base    
Trolley jockey wheel    
Padded rudder bag    
Outboard motor bracket    
Trapeze kit    
Twin tube mast head float    
40 litre mast head float    
Bow fender    
Burgee wind indicator    


"My decision to buy the RS Vision is my best yet, it has exceeded my expectations and it comes with the bonus of a truly great back-up team"
Martin Speller

"The boat was great, I used it almost every day, sailing, with out board, even caught mackerel in it. I sailed to Falmouth one day on my own. I can thoroughly recommend it. I am struggling to re focus on work"
Nick Gill - after a family holiday in Cornwall

"The average size family who are looking for indestructible fun in a lightweight dinghy which can be raced and cruised should look no further than the RS Vision"
Dinghy Sailing magazine

"More than 25 instructors and 6 coach assessors got the chance to sail in it (Vision). General comments were all very positive. I intend to buy 6 Fevas and either 4 or possibly 6 Visions"
Nick Wymer Plas Menai - National Watersports Centre

"First of all the boat is a sheer delight to sail but what has struck me most about the Vision is the quality of build"
Martin Speller

"The boat is very good at what it was designed for and will serve us well over the next few years"
Dad with a young family



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