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The Training Fleet

The Training Fleet

RS Quest
Designed specifically for the training market, the boat was commissioned by the Sea Cadets as a replacement for the Bosun. They wanted a smaller, more manageable boat accessible to a wider range of people, with existing larger boats often too powerful and cumbersome for sailors. The Quest provides a solution which offers an incredibly stable platform alongside ease of maintenance and excellent durability. 

·    Sits flat on chines, when on the beach
·    External control lines to reduce maintenance
·    Foredeck designed around seamanship skills  with a specific place for an anchor and Man over Board drills
·    External mast head float halyard to allow buoyancy even when reefed
·    Simple and effective symmetric and asymmetric spinnaker system
·    2 x RS Quest can be purchased with a Sport England Grant

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RS Tera
Great for learning to sail at grass roots level all the way through to top level competition. This boat covers all bases and grows with your students. The ‘Sport’ specification caters for youngsters new to the sport, while the ‘Pro’ offers a more powerful sail for advanced students. The boat can even be easily upgraded with a race kit providing a solution for keen young racers and at the other end of the scale there is a mini sail for the really little ones. 

·    Perfect single hander to introduce young people to sailing
·    High boom
·    Performance self-draining hull
·    Choice of 3 mainsails
·    Covering an age range from 6-16 – recommended max weight 60kg for Pro rig and 45kg for Sport rig
·    Established UK and International race circuit
·    Foam filled aluminium foils
·    5 x RS Teras can be purchased with a Sport England Grant

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RS Quba
The RS Quba is the most popular and versatile boat of our training range. The optional jib makes the boat suitable for 1-2 children or for an adult and child combination.  The boat caters for a wide range of abilities, offering a stable platform for beginners while bridging the gap into performance single handed sailing for more advanced students. We have upgraded parts of the ‘Club’ rig to improve ease of rigging for training centres and additional features to improve the sailing experience and add simplicity for the instructors.

·    Large open cockpit
·    Stiff hull
·    4x RS Qubas can be purchased with a Sport England Grant

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RS Feva
As a pathway boat, the RS Feva really is the ultimate small double hander for progression into racing. The Feva is designed as an asymetric racing boat with the ability to be used as a beginner/intermediate training boat for youth sailing.

·    Most successful polyethylene youth racing development boat worldwide
·    A great blend of exciting performance as well as a stable beginner platform, depending on your chosen specification
·    Same hull used both for double handed sailing at beginner level and for top level international racing, with over 150 boats at the World Championships
·    3x RS Feva can be purchased with a Sport England Grant with option to include asymmetric spinnakers packs for small additional cost

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RS Vision
Designed with adult novices and families in mind.  The boat will take up to 4 crew and can be reefed, beached and can include a spinnaker and trapeze set as sailors progress and for a little added excitement.  A great option for families with young children or couples wanting to race.

·    Excellent platform for asymmetric spinnaker work
·    Bridge between beginner and advanced dinghy
·    2 x RS Vision can be purchased with a Sport England Grant

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RS Venture
The boat for everyone! This multi-person novice to advanced cruiser can take up to 8 crew and is perfect for adventures.  The RS Venture has a spinnaker and trapeze option to keep more advanced sailors happy, but is a brilliantly stable learning platform as well.
·    Stable coaching platform
·    Great for instructor ratios – will easily take 6 children with 1 instructor
·    Can be supplied with a weighted board for extra stability, although not deemed necessary by most
·    Can have outboard bracket attached for day trips
·    1 x RS Venture can be purchased with a Sport England Grant

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RS Venture KEEL Sailability
An exciting new pack which can be retro fitted to any Venture keel, enabling the boat to be truly accessible to all.

·    Can be used as a standard Venture Keel
·    In a short period of time the boat can be converted in to a Sailability craft
·    Can cater for a range of mobility constraints – including ‘Suck and Puff’ systems.
·    Affordable Sailability option
·    1 x RS Venture KEEL Sailability pack can be purchased using a Sport England Grant by registered charities.

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RS Cat16
Already comprehensively used both in the UK and worldwide at resorts and training centres and considered to be the stiffest rotomoulded catamaran on the market, the RS cat 16 performs brilliantly in all conditions. The hulls have been specially designed to reduce holes through the hull, with externally fitted cross beams and rudders. This feature significantly reduces the chance of water leaking into the hulls, which is a common issue when used over long periods of time.

·    Hull shape makes for excellent performance in big seas
·    Clever construction to increase stiffness and decrease chance of leaking
·    New and improved spinnaker shoot system
·    Trampoline has an easy low hassle design when tensioning.

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