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RS Sailing
Premier Way, Abbey Park
Romsey Hampshire SO51 9DQ
01794 526760


Dan Jaspers
RS Sailing
International Business Development

Skype: Dan.Jaspers
Tel. +44 (0)2380 972 324
Mobile: +44 (0)1727 045 326

The RS Sailing family has grown significantly over recent years, with a majority of our dealers and distributors sharing a similar commitment as far as growing the sport is concerned. This has helped RS to become the world’s largest small boat manufacturer.

The rapid expansion of our business has presented certain challenges, one of which being how to most effectively manage the growing number enquiries being received by our UK-based sales team from within countries and regions in the world where RS do not (yet) have dedicated dealers or established distribution networks.

To better serve what we are calling the ‘Rest of The World’ (ROTW), we have invested in a dedicated resource. We are pleased to have appointed RS veteran Dan Jaspers in this new ‘International Business Development’ role. Dan is looking forward to helping you with your enquiries, including:

  • Private retail buyers
  • National and Regional Sailing Federations
  • Organisations delivering Paralympic (disabled) sailing activity.
  • Sail Training Providers who require ‘Program Optimised’ boats
  • Superyacht and Motorboat owners
  • Watersports Holiday companies
  • Hotels wishing to offer a range of water-based activities for their guests
  • Schools and formal educational establishments offering a sailing-based curriculum
  • Sea Scouts and other youth-focussed organisations

RS sailboats have won multiple design awards internationally. This success is not possible without input from some of the sailing industry’s most passionate and knowledgeable people. This feedback has contributed significantly to the success of our company and we really do appreciate it.

RS Sailing Equipment Development Pathway

We have developed a visual guide to help illustrate how RS boats can be used in a ‘learn to sail’ and ‘train to race’ environment. Click the button below to open this resource.

RS Equipment Development Pathway


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