RS Sailing
Premier Way, Abbey Park
Romsey Hampshire SO51 9DQ
01794 526760
RS Sailing
Premier Way, Abbey Park
Romsey Hampshire SO51 9DQ
01794 526760




The RS21 responds to the need for a progressive, simple and affordable solution for keelboat clubs that increasingly see the opportunity for fleet ownership, league competition and training. Pay-as-you-go. Team up and do it together. The RS21 is specifically designed for fleet purchase, with attributes that will appeal to individual buyers as well. It puts close racing over ultimate performance. Convenient ownership over complexity. It maximizes low maintenance, value and pure sailing enjoyment. This is the boat to bring wider availability and popularity back to keelboat racing. Realistic costs allow appealing club charter fees – or affordable investment by syndicates of sailing friends. The RS21 is a safe purchase and assured of success.

RS21 at a glance

No. of Crew

Crew Weight (kgs)

Beam (m)

No. of Trapezes

Max Sail Area (m²)

Length (m)








The RS21 brought us back to the fundamentals and joy of sailing while offering enough control options to reward practice and tuning. The only downside to our weekend was having to turn in the boat at the end of racing.

Mark Werder

Skipper, San Diego NOOD

I think they’ve hit their marks on everything that I could see, and after 10 races on the boat, none of us were beat up at all. I’d jump on one of these little beauties anytime.

Scot Tempesta

Editor/ Publisher, Sailing Anarchy

As the skipper, my favorite thing about the boat was the super light helm. It felt like I was whipping around my FJ (Flying Junior) it was so easy. It was also a great tool to keep the crew on their toes, as they knew I could hurl them off the boat with a quick jab to leeward.

Jack Egan

Helm, San Diego Yacht Club Youth Team

While it’s a keel boat, it still handles an awful lot like a small dinghy. We were surfing it downwind.

Chip Merlin

Skipper, St. Petersberg NOOD

Overarching Design Goals
  • Progressive design for simple and affordable club & syndicate ownership
  • Balanced, quick and enjoyable sailing as a team
  • Evenly matched, close racing prioritized over ultimate performance
  • Robust and simple to maintain – efficient fleet operation
  • Sustainable aspects designed and built in
  • Eco-friendly construction using recycled core materials
  • Contemporary styling for appeal that reflects cool boats of the era
  • Maximum waterline length
  • Balanced rocker line for good performance across the wind range, at the expense of maximum speed at one end or the other
  • Pronounced chines add form stability as the boat heels and shed water for a drier ride
  • Lifting bulb keel – encapsulated in GRP skins
  • Removable internal keel crane
  • Composite transom hung rudder – removable
  • Tiller extension
  • Large open cockpit with comfortable space for four crew and more
  • Open transom for rapid draining
  • Layout and systems allow handling by two crew if required
  • Minimal obstructions reduce bruises
  • Large central hatch for stowage of sails etc within the boat, adding operating efficiency
  • Centre mainsheet can be trimmed by helm or crew
  • Kick bars give ergonomic and secure positions for all crew
  • No-hiking rule aids racing enjoyment, communication and widens strategic input
  • Deck designed to allow one hull to stack on another – for efficient event transport and improved sustainability aspects
  • Carbon composite mast reduces weight aloft to improves handling
  • Light weight and pivoting heel make the mast easy to raise by hand
  • Durable aluminium alloy boom
  • Carbon composite bowsprit
  • Quick to rig – 20 minutes from trailer to launch ready
  • Durable construction Club sails & larger Race sails options
  • Mainsail with single slab reef system in club spec
  • Trouble free hanked-on jib
Sail Handling Systems
  • Large cockpit with comfortable space for 4 crew and more
  • Simple layout with clearly understandable controls
  • Large gennaker bag for efficient hoists / drops
Electric Propulsion System (optional)
  • E-Propulsion motor system integrated into hull & deck design
  • Sits almost invisibly behind the keel / under the mainsheet system
  • Prop leg can be raised while sailing – bottom fairing plate closes the hull recess
  • Central speed control unit & removable / rechargeable battery pack
  • Symmetrical spinnaker and equipment (not required for one-design Class racing)
  • Mast head wind indicator
  • Keel winch
  • Boat cover
  • Shore cradle with wheels
  • Road trailer
  • Warps & Fenders pack
  • Anchor pack – inc chain / warp / bag

bulletfill Standard
bulletfill Optional

DesignerRichards / Whitehouse / RS Sailing
Length6.34m (20'11")bulletfill
Beam2.20m (7'3")bulletfill
Draught1.38m (4'6")bulletfill
Displacement650kg (1433lbs)bulletfill
Hull constructionEco-friendly compositebulletfill
KeelLifting – with bulbbulletfill
RudderRemovable – compositebulletfill
Mainsail area – Race16.2m² (175ft²)bulletfill
Jib area – Race8.4m² (90.4ft²)bulletfill
Gennaker area – Race40m² (430.5ft²)bulletfill
Mainsail area – Club16.2m² (175ft²)bulletfill
Jib area – Club8.4m² (90.4ft²)bulletfill
Gennaker area – Club35m² (377ft²)bulletfill
Spinnaker area – Club30m² (322.9ft²)bulletfill
MastCarbon compositebulletfill
Shrouds & forestayStainless steel wirebulletfill
Halyards – Main, jib, gennakerDyneema/polyesterbulletfill
BoomAluminium alloybulletfill
BowspritCarbon compositebulletfill
Deck stowage hatchbulletfill
Gennaker bagbulletfill
Mooring eyes x 3bulletfill
Sheets – Main, jib, gennakerbulletfill
Mainsail slab reefingbulletfill
Installed data logger for cloud communitybulletfill
Symmetrical spinnaker & equipmentbulletfill
Keel winchbulletfill
Electric motor systembulletfill
Electronics – speed, depth, etc.bulletfill
Shore cradle with wheelsbulletfill
Road trailerbulletfill
Warps and fenders packbulletfill
Anchor packbulletfill
Premier Way, Abbey Park
Romsey Hampshire SO51 9DQ

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