The twin wire skiff with the kind of performance many sailors dream about. Graduating from youth racing or stepping up from slower boats – this is the skiff class for all – men and women, young or not. Minimal weight and hull drag mean the rig doesn’t have to be enormous to develop awesome speeds. So the loads are manageable by both sexes and performance equalization ensures that mixed teams usually stand on the RS Racing Circuit podiums. And that leads to friends, parties and an intoxicating skiff racing lifestyle.
RS800 at a glance

No. of Crew

Crew Weight (kgs)

Beam (m)

No. of Trapezes

Sail Area (m²)

Length (m)





I was impressed, not only with her stability, but also the effortless way she took off. Sue Pelling

The best thing about 800’s is you can sail them with girls. Anonymous

The RS800 has filled a slot by creating an exciting, easy to sail skiff that allows a range of sailor to race against each other competitively. Easy to sail but hard to sail well. Charlie Roome

You see, the new 800 is an absolute peach of a boat. Every single aspect of the boat is superb, from build quality (which is unbelievable), to the top notch sail, full Harken kit and the fully carbon mast from Selden which is a sight for sore eyes (compared to the alloy bottom section of the 49er). Ryan Visser

Sensational skiff racing
  • Incredible high-performance racing for men and women
  • User-friendly handling makes it possible for many
  • Superb Performance Equalisation System allows winners to be big or small
  • Exciting class with action and camaraderie on the RS Racing Circuit
  • Long and narrow on the waterline to reduce drag
  • Flared topsides give reserve buoyancy and forgiving handling
  • Cockpit design gives the helmsman a secure steering position while allowing run-through manoeuvres by experienced teams
  • Large gennaker chute forward of the jib tack for fast hoists with minimum loads
  • Incredibly light 62kg hull weight. Ready to sail the whole boat is a staggering 110kg light
  • High tech construction system uses the immensely strong RS epoxy foam sandwich system – with long competitive life
  • Daggerboard for low drag efficiency
  • Lifting rudder for easy launching
  • Sophisticated GRP sandwich construction gives strong, light, high performance foils
  • The light all-up weight allows exceptional performance from a moderate size rig – making the RS800 the attainable skiff class
  • Carbon composite mast – ultra-light and the flexible top section delivers excellent gust response
  • Sealed mast to reduce the tendency for inversion when capsized.
  • Mainsail and jib are built from light, strong and high visibility Mylar laminate.
  • Only the top two mainsail battens are full length, creating a light and forgiving rig
  • Self tacking jib ensures easy manoeuvres, especially offwind
  • Asymmetric gennaker design with relatively short foot to minimise sheet loads and a high clew to aid visibility.
Performance equalised racing
  • Performance Qqualisation System measures weight and leverage – and gives high speed close racing with both big and small winners. It works and is an integral part of the RS800’s success
  • Mixed teams and joint events with other great RS classes mean the RS800 is the place to be for a complete skiff racing lifestyle
  • Harken deck fittings
  • Intermediate wing bars (pro-gripped)
  • Top cover – breathable polycotton
  • Under cover – Nylon
  • Launching trolley
  • Road trailer base
  • Padded rudder bag
  • Padded daggerboard bag
  • Carbon tiller extension
  • Wing foot loops
  • Performance equalisation weights
  • Burgee wind indicator
  • Tack tick micro compass (inc mast bracket)
  • Race rope pack (jib, main and kite sheets)


DesignerPhil Morrison
Length4.8m (15'9")
Beam1.88–1.89m (6'2"–9'6")
Hull Weight62kg (136lbs)
Sailing weight110kg (242lbs)
Sail area – mainsail and jib16.5m² (172ft²)
Sail area – spinnaker21m² (225ft²)
Hull constructionEpoxy GRP foam sandwich
SparsCarbon composite mast. Aluminium alloy boom. Composite bowsprit.
SailsMylar / kevlar semi battened mainsail. Fully battened jib. Twin patch radial cut spinnaker.
FoilsDaggerboard and lifting rudder. GRP foam sandwich.
Intermediate wing barsPro-gripped
Continuous cunningham
Harken deck fittings
Top coverBreathable polycotton
Under coverNylon
Launching trolley
Road trailer base
Padded rudder bag
Padded daggerboard bag
Padded rig bag
Carbon tiller extension
Wing foot loops
Additional corrector weights
Burgee wind indicator
Tack tick micro compassIncludes mast bracket
Race rope packJib, main and kite sheets

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