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RS Sailing
Premier Way, Abbey Park
Romsey Hampshire SO51 9DQ
01794 526760

Being part of the RS Tera class is exciting! Both from a sailor’s perspective and that of coaches, parents and other outside influencers who all put so much energy into its success. RS Tera programmes and events foster the development of many young people, but equally they create a fun environment for everyone involved! The RS Tera certainly provides the “fun” element in bundles, in addition to some of the most competitive single-handed junior racing in the UK. As a pathway class recognised by the RYA for hardworking young sailors, the RS Tera offers the chance for young people to really apply themselves, developing advanced racing techniques and training amongst the best in their region.

Many fanatical RS Tera sailors will no doubt be aware of the development of the Mk2 RS Tera hull. This is now in full production, as a result of RS Sailing’s continued desire to perfect its products. Despite the improvements, we would like to reassure current owners of the MK1 RS Tera that the hull and deck shape remain fundamentally the same, the underwater profile is identical and all the spars, foils and sails for the RS Tera compatible with the MK2 hull. We can confidently assure owners that no boats will become obsolete as a result of our upgrades. The Mk2 boat is still very much an RS Tera, thanks to following the class rules and computer aided technology to obtain 3D scans of the hull.

What has changed?

Deck – Changes to the deck layout include a groove to assist sailors during a capsize recovery and a handy place to store a water bottle
Toe strap – The new Mk2 Tera has a more durable and comfortable hiking strap with an adjustable webbing strap.
Rudder fitting – 10mm pintle to be used on the rudder (from the 8mm on the Mk1 Tera)
Mast extension – 20mm extension to the mast foot to lower the pivot point of the rig. (please note Mk2 masts will not fit in Mk1 hulls unless the caps are swapped)


So, why buy a Mk2 RS Tera?
The series of updates present in the design of the Mk2 RS Tera has a number of benefits that are worth of note:
• The combination of the new deck layout and toe strap promotes a more positive sailing position and more comfortable hiking
• Change to the rudder has improved the sustainability of our production, meaning you can be safe in the knowledge that you a buying into a brand that is highly conscious of its impact on our environment
• Overall the Mk2 RS Tera in now an even more durable product

And how would an RS Tera part exchange work?

The simple process of part exchange is where one of the RS Sailing team make an evaluation of your boat and take that figure from the cost of purchasing a brand new Mk2 RS Tera.

But that’s not all!

We’re sure that your old RS Tera could be the perfect starter boat for the next little Tera! Additionally, in keeping with the RS Sailing culture, we know you’d love to share the knowledge you’ve gained from years of RS Tera sailing with new members of the RS family. That’s why, we’d love to make you a Mk2 Mentor! We will put you in touch with the family who purchased your old boat, so you can give them tips, hints and advice based on your own experience on how they can get the best experience from their new RS Tera.

(For Mums and Dads – We know that buying your sailor a new boat is a big deal, so opting in to our “Mk2 Mentor” idea could be used a great way for them to have a positive impact on someone else, an invaluable personal experience.)

A growing class and developing boat, the RS Tera is proving to be highly capable in a very competitive junior racing environment. For those ready for the part exchange, those happy with their current boat, and those considering the ‘jump ship’ manoeuvre to our outstanding little boat, we’d love to hear from you. Here’s how you can reach us:

Contact us at the office: 01794 526760 or at

Get in touch with a representative from the RA Tera Class Association:

Check out our website:

Register your details with us to have the team contact you and stay up to date with all the news in the RS Sailing world

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