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RS Sailing
Premier Way, Abbey Park
Romsey Hampshire SO51 9DQ
01794 526760

With the winter season well and truly behind us it’s time to start looking towards the sailing season ahead. Here at RS Sailing we pride ourselves on innovating world leading products that allow you to get the best from your club or center equipment.

Take a look at the points below, to see what equipment is best for European club and schools;


RS Zest

The best equipment for your program;

  • Cockpit space for two sailors – a mini double hander that can be sailed solo
  • Class leading crew space with a choice of secure inner and outboard seating areas – 3-stage sitting positions to build confidence and encourage progression
  • Easily handled by youngsters while the space offers added comfort for adults
  • Stable platform for a beginner’s first solo sailing experience
  • Lock-Up & Lock-Down rudder system with Kick-Up grounding system. Simple – Strong
  • Pivoting centerboard instead of a daggerboard. User-friendly – Damage resistant
  • Great value for clubs and schools, please get in touch for more information and pricing



All over Europe sailing schools are now choosing to add CAT’s to their fleet to offer more excitement, attract more youth

  • The future of attractive youth sailing comes with more excitement; RS CAT14 courses are popping up and selling out quickly. This is one of the things kids want and dream of. Easy and quick sailing
  • RS CAT14 stiff and durable platform, appealing and modern design.
  • RS CAT14 used at different hotspot sailing events to support youth programs (like SailGP).
  • RS CAT14 a fast moving, but controlled approach to CAT sailing for youths
  • RS CAT16 the more spacious big sister, with room for more fun and friends
  • RS CAT16 can be fitted with single or twin trapeze for added excitement, speed and technical skills application


RS21 Fleet Concept

  • Stacking functionality creates solutions for circus style organizations; moving boats around was never easier and cheaper to do.
  • Fleets are popping up all over the world; In Italy, in England, in USA and in Australia there are multiple fleets supplied to offer club sailing concepts up till team racing and champions league sailing.
  • The sustainable solutions are not only good for your conscience, they are practical, clean and cost reducing as well.


Not quite the right fit? Check out some of the other popular boats in our training range!

Our other best sailing boats to clubs and schools:

  • RS Quest, durable, simple and stable, up to 4 adults.
  • RS Feva, the youth class that keeps children in sailing
  • RS Neo, the perfect boat for intermediate sailing, with a performance rig!

For more information on which of our boats will be the right fit for your centre from our award winning range. Get in touch with your local dealer.

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