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RS Sailing
Premier Way, Abbey Park
Romsey Hampshire SO51 9DQ
01794 526760

At RS we’re not all about the racing, we love adventures too… and we think everywhere looks better when seen from the water. There’s nothing like escaping the crowds and sailing from one place to another- especially to somewhere new. Whether you plan to go on a small trip with a beautifully simple boat or a bigger adventure in a comfortable and seaworthy dinghy, there’s a quick to rig, fun and easy to own RS boat perfect for you and your adventures!

Getting yourself or your family into sailing can be life-changing. It’s healthy, outdoors and brings shared enthusiasm and activities forever! From pottering around the harbor to exploring the furthest creek of an estuary on a camping trip, sailing leaves the stress of daily life ashore and brings a sense of escapism like no other. The RS sailboat range extends from small boats up to large dinghies and keelboats, so there truly is something for the whole family! We put serious design time into making our boats user-friendly afloat, durable and almost maintenance-free, so you get maximum fun and minimal hassle out of the incredible sport. Take a look at our fantastic range of RS boats, ready to fuel your adventures…


Sparkling performance gives this modern beach and training catamaran the feel of a higher performance boat, yet it could hardly be easier to handle. Start with the main and jib – use the gennaker and trapeze to turbocharge the performance when you’re ready. This boat takes the enjoyment, excitement, and handling associated with beach cats to the next level. It’s robust, ergonomic, well-built and easy to handle – it’s truly surprising how exciting performance can be attained on such a simple and durable catamaran. To handle without care! The combination of buoyant hulls and practical features makes life easy for novice sailors, while experienced sailors will love the thrill and high performance that comes with the RS CAT. Blast across the bay for a picnic on the beach, alone or with friends!

The RS CAT is adapted to a wide range of sailors, including youths and adults so that fun can be had by all with minimal constraints linked with set-up or care. The exciting dinghy offers one, two or three sails to suit experience and performance level aims. With significant technical developments in key structural aspects of the boat, the RS CAT not only looks modern, it also incorporates important practical benefits. The design protected system for joining the beams to RS CAT hulls gives increased stiffness compared to other rotomoulded catamarans, with the added bonus of allowing the boat to be disassembled quickly for storage or transport. The hulls and beams are secured without holes through the skin of the boat, meaning that the boat can be assembled or taken apart in close to 15 minutes!

Exceptionally strong, simple and fast assembly bolts fixing the beams and shrouds secure the stainless-steel bars located in channels on either side of the hulls, all that is required is one spanner. So, the RS CAT can be stored in restricted spaces and can even be transported on the roof of a large family car presenting more possibilities for the sailing family.

The dinghy’s long-lasting value build quality is second to none because the RS CAT is constructed using the RS Comptec PE3 – three layer rotomoulded polyethlene system. This leaves it with exceptional durability and minimal maintenance required. Safety features include toe straps above and below the trampoline to assist capsize recovery, with a bag underneath for a knife and righting line. Recesses in the aft decks reduce volume and make it easier to ‘sink’ a stern and right the boat from inversion.

RS Sailing offer two catamaran versions; the RS CAT 14 and the RS CAT 16. Both boats are stable and spacious, as well as being high performance and thrilling! The RS Cat 16 is a larger, more powerful version of its little sister (RS Cat 14) and can hold up to five crew. Whereas, the RS Cat 14 is small enough to go singlehanded, but big enough for a full family cruise with two adults and one child.

“I am very happy with the construction developments and the user-friendly characteristics that we have been able to combine with really exciting performance and contemporary looks” – Jo Richards – RS CAT16 Designer




RS Venture
The ultimate comfortable and spacious cruising dinghy for family sailing. With class-leading space, exceptional stability and exciting features you’ll love, the award-winning RS Venture is the ideal boat for estuary or coastal water adventures. The boats sparkling performance makes it great fun and the multiple equipment options allow the boat to be configured so that its perfect for you.

The build quality is second to none with the RS Venture built using an exceptionally durable GRP composite hull construction that will last for years. The mainsail can be de-powered in an instant with our innovative RS one-line reefing system giving complete control in any conditions. With a choice of either symmetric or asymmetric spinnakers and a trapeze, it can cater for all sailing abilities. The boat can carry up to eight sailors in its inner seats and huge, self-draining cockpit for luxuriously comfortable sailing.

The RS Venture’s stable design can be complimented by standard or ballasted centerboard versions – And either one can sit happily on a mooring. The hull is so stable – it is extremely difficult to tip over! However, if it does capsize, it’s slow to invert and with the optional mast head the RS Venture is easily righted from capsize. It has a self-draining cockpit and built in righting lines to assist quick and safe recovery.

With a furling jib, pivoting foils and stable hull, the RS Venture is easy to launch and recover, despite its size. These ease-of-use features have made it an award-winner and family favorite across the world. Minimum maintenance is required and optional gunwale fendering and an aluminum keelband protect from the bumps and grinds the RS Venture may be faced with on exciting adventures.

So, whether you’re a novice or expert, looking for a day trip or just a potter around the harbor, going afloat on one on these dinghy’s is always guaranteed to be An Ad-Venture!

But don’t just take our word for it- Andy Robertson from Yachting life raves about the RS Venture as “…simply a great family dinghy for mum, dad, the kids, dogs and friends to go exploring together. For those who have a holiday cottage on the water then the RS Venture is the perfect accessory”. Ian Aldridge from Minorca also described the dinghy as “Spacious, good looking, sails well, and easy to reef!”.


RS Venture


RS Zest
The RS Zest is a new generation compact sailboat that delivers more crew space and practical, enjoyment features than older rivals. It is the perfect boat for families, those wanting to learn how to sail or anyone just wanting to mess around on the water! After twenty years of experience in the design, production and usage of boats in this sector, the RS Zest captures a long list of new developments creating a boat on a new level!

The boat has space for two sailors, or even practical with three, yet is small enough for convenient single handling- youth or adult. The volume of the RS Zest hull has been increased, with the center of buoyancy further forward to support higher crew weight and give improved handling when fully loaded. Part of the volume increase has been achieved through waterline beam which also noticeably increases the stability to an exceptional level for a boat of this size. Rotomoulded polyethylene construction makes the RS Zest almost maintenance free – this is a boat to get you onto the water and into the wonderful world of sailing – no hassle – no end to the fun.

The pivoting centerboard (as opposed to a dagger board in comparable models) allows the boat to be used in shallow water and largely removes risk of damage through grounding during launch and recovery. The spine created through the aft section of the cockpit adds stiffness and strength to the structure to extend the life of the hull. The rounded bow will reduce damage between boats in training fleet use, as well as damage during imperfect pontoon arrivals. Also, grab handles are built into the hull bilge rails to help sailors, especially children, climb onto an upturned boat.The transom has also been designed to facilitate safe boarding over the stern, with scallops either side of the rudder, a wide, comfortable top surface and no mainsheet bridle in the way.

Specific, strong towing points are built into the bow and stern (clear of the rudder) to facilitate easy attachment and towing lines of boats. The mast step and gate design allows youngsters to safely rig their own boats, something not generally recommended with masts of this size that need lifting in vertically. A class-leading high boom is incorporated to inspire confidence and of course reduce head bumps!

At RS we believe the crew deserves comfortable sailing, so the RS Zest’s cockpit design offers 3-stage seating as confidence builds.
1. Centre thwart – a new feature in a boat in this sector, giving inboard security
2. Intermediate side-seats – to inspire confidence during training
3. Comfortable side-decks – for more experienced crews and hiking in strong winds. The RS zest also incorporates a clear foredeck area for youngsters to sit forward, maybe with toes in the water- and that’s what keeps them wanting more!

“We use our boats 2 up on lots of our beginner training and evening sessions. The thwart on the RS Zest gives beginner crews somewhere to sit whilst they build their confidence, rather than being on the floor!” Tye Shuttleworth Head of Inshore Boating, Sea Cadets.


RS Zest


RS Quest
The RS Quest is a modern family or training dinghy with features that move the game forward. The exciting dinghy is small enough to handle easily ashore and afloat, but big enough for Mum or Dad and three youngsters, or even four adults! The feel of the boat is considerably bigger than its size, with a large self-draining cockpit to bring maximum security and safety. It’s no surprise that this dinghy became the best-seller of its type worldwide with its exceptional features for family sailing and exploring; durable rotomoulded polyethlene construction – space and stability – reefing, spinnaker, stowage and a host of other options. It’s not easy to make it all work, but our development team have nailed it on this boat.

The RS Quest has been engineered for maximum strength and minimum maintenance with an exceptionally stable hull- perfect for exploring! The boat is practical and reassuring as well as being quick to rig and easy to transport! The rig can be set up for both symmetric and asymmetric sailing, it is great for those wanting to learn more about sailing with a spinnaker.

The rig is a two-part aluminum mast, with a foam filled top section, aiding recovery and increasing the time before inversion. To aid the rigging process the mast foot is on a pivot, making it easier and safer for one person to rig. Externally running halyards make for easier use and hassle-free replacement as well as control lines on the boom – designed for simplicity.

The square head main has buoyancy in the top of the sail, which also drastically slows down the time it takes to invert, taking into account the varied ability of its potential sailors. Simple reefing systems include slab reefing on the mainsail and roller reefing for the jib making reefing on and off the water a breeze.

“She had an amazing time on the RS Quest and is now fully addicted to sailing” Sea Masters Academy, Panama


RS Quest


There are so many excellent, exciting RS boats to choose from each with their own unique extraordinary features. Contact the RS team today to discuss which is the perfect match for you!

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