RS Sailing
Premier Way, Abbey Park
Romsey Hampshire SO51 9DQ
01794 526760
RS Sailing
Premier Way, Abbey Park
Romsey Hampshire SO51 9DQ
01794 526760

If you’re looking for ultimate family fun in the form of a brilliant sailboat then the RS Quest really lives up to its name.

A modern family dinghy with features that move the game forward. It’s perfect for Mum or Dad, youngsters and even the dog whilst still being small enough to handle easily ashore and afloat.

With versatility in mind, because no two adventures are the same, the RS Quest has an impressive list of options to allow you to really tailor the boat to your adventures. From a foredeck providing additional storage, different mainsail size options, an asymmetric or symmetrical spinnaker, a masthead flotation system for reassurance and a trapeze kit for those thrill seekers.

Here are all the key points you need to know;

Number of crew: 2-4
Crew Weight: 100-200kgs
Sail Area: 22m2
Length: 4.29m
Beam: 1.83m

Now lets get into the nitty gritty, we’ve bullet pointed the specification for you below so that you can really get to know this family fun facilitator;

Big feel from a compact boat
• RS Comptec PE3 rotomoulded polyethylene construction
• Engineered for maximum strength and minimum maintenance
• Exceptionally stable hull – unrivalled in this size
• Large, self draining, cockpit for up to 4 adults

Configurable to suit you
• Open plan or with spray shedding foredeck
• Removable seats and thwart
• Main and jib
• Asymmetric or symmetrical spinnaker options
• Trapeze option
• Outboard motor bracket option

Adventures afloat
• Exceptional features for family sailing and exploration
• Sparkling and fun – practical and reassuring
• Easy to transport – quick to rig

Training excellence
• Developed in conjunction with the UK Sea Cadets & training experts
• Unrivalled practically and range of use
• Already the world’s best-selling boat of its size in the training sector

Convenience ashore and afloat
• Pivoting mast heel for easy rigging
• Hand holds for easy lifting
• Towing eyes
• Lifting points
• 3 point landing on bilge rails
• Rub rail reinforcement near transom

Easy rig control
• Jib furler for safety and launch / recovery convenience
• Mainsail slab reefing
• 2-part aluminium mast
• External halyards and boom controls for easy maintenance
• Durable Dacron sails

User friendly foils
• Pivoting centreboard
• Durable aluminium rudder blade
• Tiller driven lift & lock rudder system

RS Quest Options
• Foredeck with additional storage
• Mainsail size options
• Asymmetric spinnaker
• Symmetrical spinnaker
• Mast head flotation system
• Trapeze kit
• Top cover
• Launching trolley
• Road trailer base

If you’ve got any more QUESTions about the RS Quest please don’t hesitate to get in touch, we love making adventures a reality! Are you looking for something a little smaller? Have you considered the RS Zest?

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