RS Sailing
Premier Way, Abbey Park
Romsey Hampshire SO51 9DQ
01794 526760
RS Sailing
Premier Way, Abbey Park
Romsey Hampshire SO51 9DQ
01794 526760

You love your RS, you’re obsessed with your class but you want something shinier, some crisper sails and a newer sail number that will make your rivals jealous. A new whip that’s going to make you strut from the changing rooms, sashay to your new boat, lick your thumb and then make that squeaky noise on the gunwhale as you wipe that tiny bit of dust away that your crew left there (mentally adds to list – must speak to crew about dust).

You’re a busy human, you’re working big days, there’s a family at home demanding your attention, the pub is always calling or maybe you just want to spend more time watching Game of Thrones. The thought of creating an ad, trying to take some more than distinctly average photos and writing something witty about your boat just makes you groan inwardly. That’s not even touching on the aggravation of cleaning the thing, awkward viewings, haggling and general time wasters.


Well you’re in luck. Did you know that we can part-ex your RS boat?

  • Picture this, it’s Monday lunchtime, you’ve decided you want a new boat and you call the sales team to find out how the process works. George Purchon or Steve Wilson have answered the phone and they start asking you a few key questions; What’s the sail number? What kit does it come with? Would it require any repairs outside of normal wear and tear?
  • You dutifully answer their questions – confirming that you’ve got three jibs, one mainsail and two spinnakers but one has definitely seen better days. Your sail number is 1684 and apart from that one time you nicked the rudder on that rock just off the slipway, your ship is in pretty good shape.
  • Your boat is then given a rating out of 10 for its age and the sales team will agree a provisional part-ex price with you. It’s that easy!
  • Now the fun! You then get to put together a package for your new boat, from custom colours, sails, bags and covers there’s plenty to choose from.
  • Once your new boat is all priced up, you then deduct the provisional part-ex price and you simply pay the difference on collection!
  • There are even opportunities to get finance for the difference. Could RS make this any easier?
  • You arrange a handover date with George or Steve on Friday, carefully tow your RS to RS Sailings’ HQ in Romsey and commence with the new boat mission.
  • They’ll check over your boat to ensure that it’s how you promised. Top tip – Don’t promise a 10/10 if you’re boats no more than a 3/10 on a good day. If all is well, they will continue with the quote as promised, if there’s a few discrepancies they’ll tweak your quote to fit.
  • Now the good bit, the new boat hand over, some top tips, a strong hand shake and you’re back on the road.
  • Saturday morning, you’re back down at the club with your brand spanking new boat, you peel back the new cover, lick your thumb and squeak the gunnel. Time to find your crew and remind them about dust.


Not quite convinced?

  • We will sell your old boat on to a new budding RS sailor. Another sailor joins your class, you’ve got more people to race against and there’s another person on the planet enjoying our awesome sport.
  • Do you have some small bits of damage beyond normal wear and tear? As long as it’s economically repairable we will consider part-ex’ing any RS boat.
  • You can even choose another class! Were you an RS Aero sailor that now wants to sail with their Boyfriend? Or were you a RS100 sailor whose wife now wants you to hang off of an RS800 trapeze with her? There’s so many RS options.


Ok, how do I get hold of George and Steve?

Contact them by emailing or calling 01794 526760.

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