RS Sailing
Premier Way, Abbey Park
Romsey Hampshire SO51 9DQ
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RS Sailing
Premier Way, Abbey Park
Romsey Hampshire SO51 9DQ
01794 526760

The count down to the RS Games has begun and the excitement is building at RS HQ! All the RS Sailing and RS Association staff are working hard in the background preparing for the event, so what better time to turn your attention to regatta prep for your RS boat?


Throughout the RS Games, RS Sailing approved repairers, Zest Boatworks will be onsite offering repair services should the unthinkable happen during the event! In addition the RS Sailing Store Events Trailer supported by Selden Masts and Kingfisher Yacht Ropes will be on hand with any spares parts. As with all events, we will have limited stock and time so it is always best to get any spares that you know you need ordered before the event along with arranging maintenance beforehand. This will leave the regatta support team free to help fellow competitors on the water who might have had unfortunate breakages at the event.


Lets keep the water where it should be!

It is always worth checking and changing your bung and hatch sealing ring as these are service items and won’t last the lifetime of your boat. You will be surprised by the amount of water a leaky hatch ring or bung can let in, particularly when you consider your body weight moving around on the cockpit forcing air in and out of any leak points. The weight lifting from the cockpit floor sucks water in through a leak point!


Don’t let a UJ wreck your day!

For such a small piece of kit a universal joint can cause a lot of disruption to your day if it snaps on the water. Bend and move the tiller extension around to check if there are any splits or cracks forming. If you see some forming it’s worth changing the universal joint and if not, it’s a must have in the tool box as a spare!


Don’t be letter’d down missing your country code!

Since the first three events of the RS Games are international championships, you will need to make sure that you get your sail letters purchased and stuck on early. RS Tera, RS Feva and RS Aero will use 230mm Sail letters and the RS Aero 7 & 9 will use 300mm letters.


Spinnaker Pole System

Worn blocks in the spinnaker system can scupper slick hoists and drops, these are particularly difficult to diagnose when concealed under a foredeck or spinnaker chutes, so it is worthwhile checking before arriving at the RS Games, if you are in any doubt how the system works please just give us a shout.



Equally devastating to your race can be a halyard failure or control line break, give these a good visual check, paying particular attention to areas which are commonly in cleats and look for any wear area around the cleated section. If you have a enough spare move your knots so the rope is cleating on a nice fresh part of the rope, if you are in any doubt replace your halyard and control lines with signs of wear for peace of mind.


Junior’s RS Aero Tips

  • Check for movement/spinning in your mast collar, replacement kits are available.
  • Check the condition of your gooseneck and importantly the securing bolt and nut.
  • Keep those the systems working well, give your control line blocks a check over and make sure they are well maintained. It’s also a perfect time to upgrade to the over deck controls.
  • Make sure your kicker cleat jaws are working well and free, look out for loose ones before travelling or take it off and put it in secure place.
  • Check for the tiller universal joint showing signs of perishing and splits. While around that area make sure the is no play between the rudder stock and tiller.


Check out the RS Sailing Store for all of your pre-event preparation needs!

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