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RS Sailing
Premier Way, Abbey Park
Romsey Hampshire SO51 9DQ
01794 526760

All our boats are designed for awesome and affordable sailing. But each boat is unique, so if you’re wondering which RS double handed boat is for you keep reading…

2000- Exciting dinghy sailing with easy handling
The highly successful 2000 (formerly the Laser 2000) is a great boat for racing at all levels, cruising and for learning to sail. With many features found in modern performance racing classes, such as a gennaker and a self-draining cockpit, the 2000 combines thrilling sailing with easy handling that inspires confidence.

The 2000 is also a well-established training boat and perfectly aids the transition from training into more advanced techniques and racing. This versatile dinghy is suitable for everyone and anyone, from couples, mature adults or friends, to a parent and child. It is the perfect boat to get you back into racing, or to start if you are new to the racing world with great local and national events!

RS Sailing became the licensed manufacturer in 2013, adding many detailed improvements to the 2000 including new moulds and tooling to help set the stage for a new era of class growth. It is important to note that when considering a second-hand 2000, any sail number post 22500 is an LDC model and has the new RS Sailing modifications.

Second-hand price: widely ranges from £1,000 – £9,500
Brand new price: £10,275.00


RS200 – Exceptionally successful, competitive and sociable racing class
Adrenaline packed racing and a full-on social scene. The RS200 is one of the most popular two person sailboats of today, and it’s easy to see why. With easy, beautiful handling and adrenaline packed sailing it is both exciting and a pleasure to sail. Perfect for moderate weight teams, it’s a winner with mixed crews, young sailors and family teams – at clubs, championships and on the RS Racing Circuit.

Anyone who has sailed an RS200 downwind in a blow will testify to the boat’s fantastic excitement and pace. Its asymmetric spinnaker is fun to use, tactical on the racecourse and very easy for the crew to handle. The spacious and deep cockpit make hiking comfortable whilst the thwart gives the crew a comfortable light wind position. Strict one-design rules keep the competition tight and the budget in control. It’s all about exciting sailing and a good time ashore in the RS200 community. This class attracts rock stars and newbies like almost no other. It was one of RS’s first – and it’s still one of our favorites.

The RS200 has a huge following and is raced passionately by hundreds of keen sailors making the competition an amazing experience- both on the course and then at the bar. This RS dinghy is perfect for almost anyone: from Olympians to club sailors, couples, University students, friends, mature adults, or simply parent and child. It is especially a great fun class to get into after youth sailing, offering competitive and exciting racing to those moving out of the RS Feva, University sailing or the 29er, with over 100 boats at the Nationals each year!

Note that the newer RS200’s hulls are constructed from vinylester, compared to older dinghies that are made of polyester. This new modification has no obvious performance advantage but provides significant usability and strength benefits.

Second-hand price: From £2,500
Brand new price: £11,140.00


RS800 – Extreme sailing – remarkable handling
The twin wire skiff with the kind of performance many sailors dream about. Graduating from youth racing or stepping up from slower boats – The RS800 is a true double-handed skiff that allows both men and women, young or not, to experience the thrill of real high-performance sailing.

The hull is incredibly light, strong and easily driven- it weighs in at just 62kg, even with the rig it’s only 110kg. By minimising weight and drag in the hull, the RS800 is powered to exceptional speeds using a manageable sized rig. Therefore, the loads are manageable by both genders and performance equalization ensures that mixed teams usually stand on the RS Racing Circuit podiums. This leads to a highly competitive racing in big fleets, and a very sociable class!

The RS800 is enjoyed by couples or friends looking for a thrilling time on the water and is the perfect transition boat from a 29er, with epic international events to get involved in!

Second-hand price: Vary from £1,500 – £12,000
Brand new price: £13,990.00


Don’t be afraid of buying an older but well looked after, dry second-hand RS dinghy. But it is important to note that the more you spend initially on your RS dinghy, the longer the investment is going to last in terms of equipment, also the less time and money you will spend on the upkeep of the dinghy over time.

If your still not sure which double hander is for you, why not try a demo before deciding! Click here to get in touch or call 01794 526760.

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