RS Sailing
Premier Way, Abbey Park
Romsey Hampshire SO51 9DQ
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RS Sailing
Premier Way, Abbey Park
Romsey Hampshire SO51 9DQ
01794 526760

All our boats are designed for exciting Sailing paired with minimal hassle. But each boat is unique, so if you’re wondering which RS single handed boat is for you keep reading…

RS ZEST- ‘Practical, Stable, No hassle or end to the fun’

The RS Zest is a new generation compact sailboat that delivers more crew space and practical, enjoyment features than older rivals. After twenty years of experience in the design, production and usage of boats in this sector, the RS Zest captures a long list of new developments creating a boat on a new level!

The Comptec PE3 rotomolded polyethylene construction makes the hull extremely durable and almost maintenance free – this is a boat to get you on the water and into the wonderful world of sailing – no hassle – no end to the fun.

The RS Zest comfortably has space for two sailors yet is small enough for convenient single handing. It is the perfect boat for families, those wanting to learn how to sail or anyone just wanting to mess around on the water!

What sets the RS Zest aside from the other single-handed RS boats is the addition of an optional Dacron jib, meaning that you can adapt the boat dependent on number of crew and ability. The kick up rudder and centerboard mean this dinghy is less prone to damage compared to other similar models, but when looking at second-hand RS Zests take into account that an ex. school boat is likely to be in a very different condition to a privately-owned RS Zest.

Second-hand price: from £1,300 
Brand-new price: £2,930

RS Singlehanded

RS NEO- ‘Affordable, Durable, Performance’

The RS Neo has been designed for pure, simple and exciting sailing! This single hander with sparkling performance, easy handling and real durability delivers maximum reward paired with minimum hassle. It is accessible, affordable and exciting!

The RS Neo is perfect for modern, time-poor sailors who enjoy the thrills of sailing without having to put the hours into mastering a new performance boat, and of course maintaining one. The boat has a powerful yet versatile rig, which combined with the durable, trusted hull design leads to great sailing without the worry and upkeep.

This quick to rig dinghy can handle a range of conditions and allows you to enjoy a real step up in performance, without the intimidating characteristics of more radical designs. The easily driven shape encourages the boat to accelerate, while the high-volume hull and wide waterline beam provide security too. Carbon composite spars are light and responsive, so the RS Neo is less effort to rig and has a more dynamic feel afloat – reacting to the gusts, enhancing performance and improving handling.

The RS Neo truly is a great buy for intermediate sailors moving on from the Pico or RS Zest etc. It is amazing value for such a dynamic, responsive boat with a carbon rig: a performance bargain!

Second-hand price: The RS Neo is relatively new, and therefore selling from £2,000 – £3,000
Brand-new price: £4,285

RS Neo

RS AERO- ‘Pure exhilaration, beautiful simplicity’

After years of development we believe the RS Aero is the most technically advanced boat in its sector. Which explains why it’s the most exciting and best-selling modern single hander. And easily handled too. The ultra-light weight changes the game afloat and ashore; astonishingly, the RS Aero weighs about the same as an Optimist. That drives everything about its incredible user friendliness through transporting, rigging and launching – before you even experience the addictive sensations afloat. Complex thinking leading to beautiful simplicity – the RS Aero ignites the pure excitement of sailing in its least complicated form. Three rig sizes enable youths, ladies and guys to enjoy the ride.

Our philosophy has always been to prioritize ultra-light weight, performance and practicality in order to produce a simple, yet refined and durable boat that will suit any sailor between 35 and 100kg. The RS Aero ignites the excitement of sailing in its least complicated form. It is affordable and, with RS Sailing’s global distribution network, assured of worldwide success.

Young sailors and small women can comfortably lift the RS aero up the beach as well as onto a roof-rack. It is worth noting that even with the smallest RS Aero rig, the ratio of sail-area to hull-weight is significantly higher than most existing hiking single-handers, due to the incredibly light weight of the RS Aero hull. So, even the RS Aero 5 enjoys the amazingly responsive feel that makes the boat so exciting.

Whilst some RS Aero’s will be purchased for the sheer enjoyment of sailing, the boat attracts many orders from racing sailors. The RS Aero is, for a wide range of sailors, the perfect club racing boat -quick to rig, light to launch, incredibly exhilarating. As numbers grow, a range of RS Aero racing events grows! 

Second-hand price: The RS Aero is holding its value incredibly well; with early boats being sold from £4,000
Brand-new price: £7,190.00

RS Aero

If your still not sure which single hander is for you, why not try a demo before deciding! Click here for more information or call 01794 526760

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